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Answering The Perennial Questions About Using An Under Eye Cream

Let’s repeat the subject. Should you really use under eye cream? Well, a few years ago it was a debate without any conclusion. But today, an under eye cream is a skin care essential. Why? In the last decade, we have seen an upsurge in the use of gadgets, which has not only increased our exposure to screens but has also impacted our sleeping patterns. Next, environmental pollution has always been on the rise and life is getting faster by the day. A faster life means we miss out on various essential things our body and routine demands, one of which is nutrition. So, all these factors combined have made using an under eye cream an essential part of your skin care routine.

How Does an Under Eye Cream Work on your Skin?

There are under eye creams for dark circles. And there are under eye cream for wrinkles. No matter their specialization, most under eye creams go into deeper layers of the skin to nourish the skin cells and show their lightening effects on the skin. A decent under eye cream will be non-sticky, lightweight, and quick absorbing. Under eye creams work way better than regular creams. These are specifically meant to pamper the sensitive under eye area and facilitate quick skin recovery.

The Primary Factors

Theunder eye area of every human being is extremely sensitive. With the kind of lifestyle most of us follow, it is common to see dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, and eye bags showing up as you go past mid-20s. In fact, that is not a threshold anymore. Teens are also vulnerable to darker under eye area. Another fact is the skin around the eyes is naturally more prone to dryness, turning dark, and show signs of fatigue & aging. Even regular movement of eyes tends to quicken up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This not only makes using an under eye cream kind of a mandate but also saves you from a lot of under eye problems.

Now, that we are in consensus about the benefits of using an under eye cream, let’s move to the next question. Which is the best under eye cream? Here are a few quick tips to find the best under eye cream:

Don’t Fall for Fake Promises: Under eye creams specifically work on you under eye area. They are not meant to enhance your facial beauty or bring ‘glow’ to your face overall. If you come across an under eye cream that claims to bring glow to your face, you must look for a better option. Remember, under eye creams work like a medicine, which bring your damaged skin to its normal level.

Don’t Choose a Chemical-ridden Cream: There are various under eye cream brands in the market. Most of these creams have chemicals infused in them which might show quick results but end up damaging your skin in the long run.

Choose a Cream with Natural Ingredients: When it comes to choosing a safe option for skin, resorting to natural ingredients is the best bet. You can check out Nirvasa Under Eye Cream infused with natural ingredients like wheatgerm oil, aloe vera, kiwi extract, carrot seed oil, green tea, and more.

In conclusion, under eye creams are now pretty much a part of our skin care routines. If you are in your mid or late 20s, start using an under eye cream even if your face hasn’t yet shown any aging sign. Regular usage in small proportions will save you a lot of skin troubles that might occur with age.


May 26, 2021

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