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It is hard for people to understand what products they should go for amid the plethora of so many existing brands and making up mind to use one genuine product. Today’s market symbolizes the discontiguous meaning of the product that once used to be pure, organic, and herbal. We are talking about the retrospective era wherein illnesses and body implications were treated instantly using ingredients.

Makers of the brands nowadays do not follow the right way or infuse the right elements that users could trust, as a result, they make it a point to deviate from their choices and choose the next door to aid their body problems. Nirvasa has initiated to be the perennial need of users with its powerful products and uplifted the reputation of the brand.

We are emerging as the fastest growing online nutritional supplemental store that is offering a wide range of health, fitness, wellness, cosmetics, and beauty products. For any product to leave an imprint in the heart of users should comprise the blend of right formulating methods and efficacy of ingredients. This is where the question of authenticity arises. The purity of our products lies in the process we adopt by using globally-sourced ingredients and they are easily accessible all over India.

Another underlying reason for the non-performance of other brands’ products is the way they are traded in the market. Most of them are either imported or manufactured breaching the lines of the law & rules. This is what is strictly kept aside at Nirvasa. We aim to build a good customer base with our genuine products and make customers feel the importance of surreal brand experience.

We keep the sharp eyes on all corners of the business to leave customers gratified and contented. So, with this aspect, multiple strategies are planned, use meticulous methods to bring out the quality in the process of sourcing and distribution. What is usually followed in the market is the incorporation of substitute elements, cheaper ingredients, and banned substances during manufacturing.

This is what makes the supplement fake and baseless. Adopting this lifestyle (using products perpetually on a daily basis) pose detrimental effects on the lives of users, affecting overall body development. Being the authentic and authorized seller, we take the accountability of products from the time it is manufactured to the time it is packed and shipped to your destination.

We being the supreme online nutraceutical platform bring the exquisite supplement brands for our valued customers. Under one roof, we offer our users ample choices of health products that they can select as per their body requirements. The authenticity of the products is evident from the supreme and standard packaging, which is the epitome of our quality. Our rigid quality control is unprecedented and noteworthy that can be confirmed by the use of natural ingredients. Our policies are transparent and live up to the needs of the esteemed customers followed by maintaining the legacy of our finest policies. Here at Nirvasa is ensured clients get the right products so they can attain the fitness goals without health disruptions.

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Why Nirvasa

Everyone loves to go on a fitness voyage and be there for life long to lead a healthy life. However, things are not as easy as seems from outside and happiness from health cannot be achieved just by immersing in some morning exercises. The right amount of food, supplements, and continuous thirst to be a fitness enthusiast keeps you progressive. We pay attention to the quality of nutrition to keep your body going and amplify the potential of your body to survive the arduous day.

Nirvasa is one of the best and popular Nutraceutical Companies, offering you a range of health supplements for good health. In addition to this, pricing of health supplements affects the buyers’ ability to buy the health supplements but this is not the case with Nirvasa, all our products are pocket-friendly for every health-aspiring person.

The quality legitimate products are found very few in the market as fake ones are influencing the markets in the form of powders, supplements, and pills that are very similar to original products. A large number of product options confuse customers which one to incorporate as a part of health in the daily routine. Moreover, parallel-imported supplements are also on the rise from developed countries and people find them comfortable to buy.

The reason being is the non-availability of quality products in India. This lapse in the health market has encouraged us to bring the revolution of herbal and natural health supplements. The imported stuff calls for high investment with the price charged too high.
With more than 50% of custom duty charges are applied to imported products. This clearly indicates a higher amount is charged from customers for legitimate products imported which in no way makes a sense. Quality is a question mark in the illegally imported labels and non-mentioning of sourcing information in the products. Customers resort to the foreign countries eventually to avail the product of their choice but the encumbrance of extra price makes them feel disgruntled and come in the way of their dreams to become healthy. They are compelled to hold themselves back from ordering any extra products from foreign countries. This is where products are proven non-authorized and raise a question on authenticity.

At Nirvasa, we follow the transparency in manufacturing and offer customers quality and premium products at reasonable prices. The products match international standards and easily control the health deficiencies of users. Our commitment knows no boundary when it comes to delivering quality assured products. We strictly and responsibly adhere to our quality management systems.

We put out strenuous efforts to offer high-quality health solutions to users and set the example of transparent business across India. Being a reliable authorized dealer of health products, we retain our robust presence in the market with an impeccable business imprint and optimal healthcare solutions.

All our products pass through the stages of planning, multiple research, and development. We selectively use ingredients to instil a healthy lifestyle in you. We offer science-backed health products to disseminate the wide effects of wellness programs. Eventually, our goal is to sustain the goodness of nature through our Ayurvedic products and make your life meaningful.


A comprehensive strategy, efforts, money, hard work goes into the process to make all health products a desirable choice for people. The right balance in the process of manufacturing, shipping, warehousing and transporting goods helps us make our supply chain better and effective. Also, we keep taking the initiative to bring improvement in products while retaining the authenticity of the products.
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