Must-have Foods to See Hair Growth Forever

There are a lot of factors that affect our hair health. And these factors are age, health, genetics, and diet. While we do not have control over age and genetics as they are natural processes, what we do have control over is our diet and health. Mostly our health and diet are directly related to each other. We all know eating a balanced diet keeps us healthy and provides nourishment to every body part including our hair. However, we still come across men with hair growth issues and baldness. It’s not surprising to see men even in their 20s and 30s having bald patches and looking way older than they actually are. And one of the predominant factors that affect hair health is poor nutrition. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss the most powerful foods for your hair and how supplements like biotin capsules can make up for your years of hair damage. Let’s explore.

  • Eggs: A great addition to have on your breakfast; eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, which work wonders for hair growth. Eggs go a long way to fulfill your daily requirement of protein as hair follicles are mostly made of protein. Also, eggs are rich in biotin, which is significant for production of keratin. Keratin forms the main structural component of hair. Therefore, for an additional punch, we can supplement with biotin capsules to reach our desired hair health.
  • Spinach: Spinach comes loaded with nutrients like iron, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, and more –all of which help promoting hair growth. Iron helps red blood cells reach the entire body and also in the scalp, which positively impacts our hair growth. Iron deficiency is linked to hair loss. Thus, addition of spinach in your diet can keep things under control. The famous Indian dish Palak Paneer can become a delicious spinach addition in your diet.
  • Fatty Fish: Have you ever noticed that people who have sea food in their diets have long and shiny hair. It is because they have fatty fishes in their diets, which contain omega-3 fatty acids. Their appropriate intake is linked to hair growth and deficiency may lead to hair loss.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Not all of us are great fans of sweet potatoes. But in some parts of India, folks have it by adding salt and pepper and sprinkling lemon over it to enhance its taste. As a matter of fact, sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A by our body. Vitamin A has been linked with good hair health, so a sweet potato a day is enough to encourage healthy hair growth.
  • Nuts: Deficiency ofB-vitamins, essential fatty acids, and zinc has been linked to hair loss. These nutrients are found in abundance in nuts. Thus, their addition in your daily diet plays a vital role to not only promote your hair growth but also keep it long and shiny.

Although there are a lot of other foods which contribute to healthy hair growth, adding all of them to your diet is a formidable task. And since biotin is a great facilitator for hair growth, you can add biotin capsules in your dietary regime and see visible changes in your hair, skin, and nail health. Check out FSSAIcertified Nirvasa Biotin Capsules for safe biotin consumption and let it repair your hair damage as well as support other bodily functions.

Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil

How to Have Healthy Hair like a Model?

It has always been fascinating to watch models flaunt their long and shiny hair on a TV ad, over a hoarding, and also on Instagram. Isn’t it? But how their hair looks so shiny and beautiful? Of course, they style their hair really well. However, beneath the style they flaunt lies a lot of care – tips and methods we are either not aware of or we simply do not follow. For instance, many people find oiling their hair a tiresome task. They are more inclined towards styling, using tools, and products that make their hair look beautiful. However, this is just temporary. You cannot expect to have healthy hair without using hair oil regularly. The hype about onion hair oil does have a lot of substance in it. If someone doesn’t believe in it, they should go back and check that this practice has been used in India for centuries and is still recommended. It’s only us who are slowly forgetting the hair oil tradition. Nevertheless, here are more of such methods we must inculcate in our hair care regime:

  • Get the Right Hair Cut: Rarely do we find models going wrong with their haircuts. They do not go for fads. Rather, they keep it practical and healthy with mid-length cuts and long layers. That is the ideal hair cut everyone should follow to keep their hair look healthy and long. However, if you are the one who wants to keep it short, have the confidence to carry and maintain it well.
  • Oil Your Hair: Like we mentioned earlier, oiling your hair carries a lot of substance to make it healthy. Oiling stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, deeply nourishes hair roots, and makes hair follicles strong. Oiling also helps hair retain its moisture. This not only enables it regrow but also look long and shiny. When choosing the right hair oil for yourself, do consider Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil for sustained benefits.
  • Eat Healthy: One of the biggest mistakes that our generation makes is substituting fast food for nutritious food. Our hair is made of proteins and amino acids. It needs the right nutrition to grow well and look shiny. Thus, having a balanced diet goes a long way to maintain healthy hair.
  • Switch to Chemical-free Cleansing: It’s high time we understood that chemical-ridden shampoos & conditioners only give your hair temporary softness. And with their regular use, you come across more of hair damage and hair fall. So, it is recommended to use a chemical-free shampoo & conditioner as the less you expose your hair to chemicals the healthier you hair will be. Next, keep a tab on the frequency with which you wash your hair as it is recommended to wash your hair only twice or thrice a week.

In Conclusion

You cannot really have control over all the factors that influence the health of your hair. However, in order to flaunt healthy and luscious hair like models, you must keep certain steps in mind. Just like using onion hair oil to rejuvenate your hair health, eating healthy, and ensuring it is least exposed to chemicals. A bit of styling doesn’t do much harm as long as you follow healthy hair care habits.

plant protein powder

Want to Start Bodybuilding? Give it an Effective Start with these Tips

If you have decided to improve the way you look and carry your body, congratulations, you have taken an important first step towards a fitter lifestyle! Bodybuilding is a great choice. It helps you strengthen, tone, and stabilize your body. You become able to flaunt a stout frame and your looks definitely improve. But bodybuilding is challenging and tricky. It not only calls for appropriate nutritional intake but also demands you to follow techniques, which are right. For instance, many people go wrong on their protein intake, try too hard to train themselves, don’t change their unhealthy habits, etc. And the debate for making a choice between plant protein and animal protein is always on. Our take is to simply get a box of plant protein powder as it is more beneficial for your body in the long run.

Next, here are some tips that will help you give an effective start to your bodybuilding journey:

  1. Stick to the Basics: The modern gyms are well-equipped with high-tech machines and fancy weightlifting equipment. However, as a beginner you have got to stick to the basics. When it comes to building muscle mass, dumbbells and barbells turn out to be the best companions. They give the body an all-around motion, which might not be possible with machines upfront.
  2. Target all Muscle Groups: You might be tempted to lift heavy weights and turn out to be a muscle tank within a month. But that’s not the right approach. There are exercises like squats, deadlift, barbell bench press, shoulder press, and more which target multiple muscle groups, which help giving your body a solid foundation.
  3. Raise Your Protein Intake: Protein forms the major building blocks of muscles. So, when you are working out, you need more of it to feed your muscles. For best results, experts recommend at least 1 gram of protein per kg of your body weight per day for consumption. However, consuming all of it through food becomes difficult. Thus, you need to add plant protein powder in your daily routine. Make a pre, post or intra workout drink with your plant protein powder. This will not only help you gain muscle but also keep you fully charged up while working out.
  4. Don’t Over Workout: As a beginner, you need to be cautious with your workout routine. You can’t just hit the 10th step up front. So, your routine should have 3 or 4 workouts per week. If you train more often than that, you are likely to face muscle strain and injuries. A bodybuilding workout means you are tearing your muscle fibers, which need to recover. Rest and plant protein intake will allow them to recover and stay healthy.
  5. Fuel Your Body More Often: Bodybuilding requires you to eat more often. It is because when you work out, your muscles need a constant source of fuel to build, which comes from food. Therefore, it is recommended to take multiple meals during the day, especially get something healthy to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Also, it is crucial to avoid junk food.


You can give your bodybuilding routine a humble start, focusing on techniques and steps which are crucial. Just like the intake and choice of plant protein powder. Do check out Nirvasa Plant Protein Powder for sustained benefits. And remember, a steady start to bodybuilding will build a strong foundation for your body in the years to come.

Onion Hair Oil

Want Healthy Hair? Follow these Secret Hair Care Tips

What did you do the last time when you experienced huge bunches of hair fall? You probably changed your shampoo, might have switched to an expensive alternative that promised ‘no hair fall’. But trust us; using an expensive shampoo cannot make your hair healthy. Trying thousands of products to win over that frizz and dryness is never a good idea. Hair health is not just about keeping your hair and scalp clean. Rather, it encompasses multiple factors like keeping your nutritional intake intact, avoiding chemical-ridden products, and most importantly oiling it. So, how you care for your hair is all what matters.

If you wish to give it a fresh start, bring yourself onion hair oil and begin oiling it with the goodness of onions. Even our grandmothers have been privy to the benefits of onions for our hair. Next, here are some secrets for extensive hair care:

  • Trim your Hair Regularly: Regular haircuts ensure two important things – your hair style stays intact and you confront less of split ends and damaged hair. And trimming your hair also ensures even hair growth.
  • Avoid Heat Treatments: Straightening or blow drying your hair is fine once in a while. However, their regular use will show up in the form of damage, dryness, and frizz. Sometimes, these heat products damage your hair so much that you experience incontrollable hair fall. So, keep your styling needs limited and be as natural as you are.
  • Massage your Hair Regularly: Remember how your grandmother used to apply oil on her hair and on yours too? There is a thing with hair oiling as it ensures proper blood circulation in your scalp and gives your hair deep nourishment. Not only does it strengthens the hair follicles but also empowers them for growth. Do add onion hair oil in your hair care regime and get proven benefits.
  • Keep an Eye on your Shampoo: Shampoo and conditioner are two integral parts of your hair care regime. So, keep an eye on their ingredients. Avoid using shampoos that contain harmful ingredients like paraben, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, artificial fragrances, etc. Pick up chemical-free shampoos with natural ingredients. Also, there’s more to the way you shampoo your hair. Before shampooing them, it is highly recommended to oil your hair a night before or at least an hour before. This retains the moisture in your hair and keeps it hydrated, which is the key to avoid hair dryness and frizz. You can use Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil as it is a completely natural composition filled with the goodness of onion seed oil and other ingredients which are good for hair such as amla oil, brahmi oil, bhringraj oil, tea tree oil, shikakai oil, and more.
  • Brushing your Wet Hair: Maybe it always goes unnoticed but you start brushing your hair the moment you get out of your bathroom after a shower. Right? This not only stretches the hair but also weakens its roots. So, the key is to avoid brushing it when it is wet.

In conclusion, the ideas shared above are more of careful hair care habits rather than secrets for hair health. However, right hair care practices along with its regular oiling with onion hair oil, almond oil or coconut oil for that matter goes a long way to keep it in good health.

Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Wrinkles

Reasons you will Thank your Under Eye Cream For

Under eye creams are possibly the most underrated products in our skin care regime. For years, these have been fighting for their position in our skin care kits; however they actually deserve a respectable place within them. It is true that not many of us have embraced them with alacrity, however, an under eye cream can actually transform your skin and face. As you age, you start facing skin problems like dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness, which usually appear under the eyes. When you get these signs on your face is when you start realizing that your face needs additional care – which is not possible with your regular face cream or a moisturizer. In fact, you should not wait to buy an under eye cream till the onset of dark circles on your face. Once you hit your mid-20s,

you must add an under eye cream in your beauty closet. Now, here come a few reasons why you will thank your under eye cream for:

  • Reduces the Appearance of Dark Circles: Nobody does it better than an under eye cream. Those panda eyes certainly mar your face’s beauty and make it look dull and old. An under eye cream contains active ingredients packed with antioxidants that help refreshing and renewing the skin under your eyes. These creams nourish your under eye area and are known to lighten your skin.
  • Gets you Rid of Eye Bags: Unhealthy lifestyle habits, lack of sleep, and use of gadgets till late night are common reasons behind puffiness. Under eye creams can not only help de-puff the area but also make it smooth. Makes a lot of difference to the charm of your face.
  • Makes your Under Eye Skin Moisturized: The skin under your eyes is quite sensitive – more than other areas on your face. It needs special care and moisturisation. And it is not feasible for your regular moisturizer to do it. Thus, an under eye cream goes a long way to keep you under eye area moisturized and prevents it from sagging skin.
  • Makes You Look Youthful: Your under eye area is the first to show signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. And once these signs become visible, you lose the shine on your face and your skin starts appearing older. If we define it in other words, we call it premature aging. Using an under eye cream regularly helps reduce these signs and make your skin appear youthful.

Which Under Eye Cream Should You Buy and How to Use It?

There are many under eye creams for wrinkles and dark circles. However, you should choose one according to your age, skin problem, and skin type. Many creams contain completely natural ingredients, which are suitable for every age group and every skin type. Just like Nirvasa Under Eye Cream, which is a blend of active ingredients like wheatgerm oil, olive oil, aloe vera, kiwi extract, carrot seed oil, and more. Unlike your moisturizer and face cream, under eye cream has to be used very subtly. Just apply a little amount of cream under your eyes and gently massage it till it is absorbed. Follow an application routine – once in the morning and at night before going to bed.

In conclusion, in a life characterized by use of screens and following unhealthy habits, under eye skin needs additional care. Get yourself an under eye cream today and you will thank yourself later.

Nirvasa Moringa Leaf Extract Capsules

Busting the Myth that Supplements Can’t Boost Immunity

While everyone was busy with their hustle for a comfortable lifestyle, pursuit of ambitions, and accumulating various sources of recreation, a virus crept in and made them realize that there is something above the mad rat race we all have become a part of. We are referring to the spread of coronavirus which helped us all understand the importance of good health and above all maintaining a healthy immune system. But can this immune system be strengthened? Yes, indeed! Health experts tout moringa leaf extract capsules and various other such herbal supplements to be good for the protection and strengthening of our immune system. However, folks have different opinions as well. Many people believe that there is no way our immune system can be boosted. While we dive deep into this subject, let’s first understand what our immune system is and how it works.

When you catch cold, the symptoms that you observe like runny nose, congestion, and lethargy all occur because of your immune system. It is a sign that your immune system is fighting against a virus, microbe or an infection that has entered your body. Your immune system recognizes the entry of an infection or injury in the body and it functions to restore it to its normal level.

How can you Keep Your Immune System Healthy?

Most people can keep their immunity strong and healthy by following a few good lifestyle habits. The primary ones involve having a balanced diet full of nutritious foods, following a decent exercise regime, and maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern. Other measures involve avoiding excessive smoking and alcohol intake. Next, your immune health largely dwells on your gut health. A healthy gut is the key to a healthy immune system. So, keep your digestive system in check.

How Can Supplements Help your Immune Health?

Maintaining a good lifestyle is easier said than done. Not everyone eats nutritious food all the time, not everyone sleeps & wakes up on time, not everyone has a habit of exercising daily, and many of us do not necessarily have a good digestive health. This is where supplements like moringa leaf extract capsules help us. These supplements contain powerful ingredients that help fulfilling our nutritional requirements and keep our immune health in good shape. For instance, moringa leaf extract capsules – this dietary supplement is made of moringa extract, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that help regulate our metabolism and keep your immune health strong. Moringa is also known to be rich in soluble fibers, which help keeping our intestines clear and remove toxins from the body. Thus, moringa leaf extract capsules are naturally a great supplement to keep our immunity in good shape. Other supplements like capsules made of amla, tulsi, multivitamins or citric fruits can also work wonders for our immune system as they are rich in nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidant properties, and other micronutrients.

In Conclusion

While there is a straight and natural way to keep our immune health strong, our inability to follow healthy lifestyle habits and have nutritious food can land our immunity in trouble. This is where supplements like moringa leaf extract capsules and others have a significant role to play. When finding such a supplement, do check out Nirvasa Moringa Leaf Extract Capsules for effective results.

Nirvasa Garcinia Cambogia Capsules

Give your Weight Loss Journey a Successful Start with Garcinia Cambogia Capsules

We see a new fad diet emerging every now and then that guarantees weight loss. However, there are little possibilities of these fad diets getting successful. Thus, it is always good listening to your body instead. Our body’s mechanism is very clear. It signals us what we need to eat and how much we should do it. Only if we carefully pay attention to these signals shall we be able to gauge the position we are in. Everyone’s metabolism level is different. And there is no weight loss approach that’s one-size-fits-all. Yet, there are a few tips that work universally for everyone. Similarly, there are weight loss supplements like garcinia cambogia that have shown almost the same weight loss effects on everyone.

Consider this – eating heavily at night can have a detrimental effect on your weight loss goals, having junk food while traveling can disturb your weight management, being less active can make you lazy. A few things are universally applicable. So, here are a few tips that can help everyone give a successful start to their weight loss journey:

  • Eating Mindfully: Can you expect to lose weight if you keep binging on junk? No, you really can’t. Instead, you have to eat mindfully – chewing your food abundantly, eating slowly, and remaining aware of your calorie intake. Mindful eating also results in improved digestion, enhanced energy, and lower stress.
  • Staying Hydrated: 70% of our body is water. Therefore, it is as important for us to be mindful of our water intake as we are of our food intake. Fluids are very important for health as they help detoxifying the body, regulate body temperature, helpful in digestion, essential for rebuilding blood, and more. Appropriate water intake goes a long way to establish a good weight management regime.
  • Avoid Eating in Front of TV: It is said that whenever we eat something, our entire focus should be on food. Associating food intake with TV, computer or any other such device not only distracts us from food but is also harmful for our dietary regime.
  • Avoid Processed Foods: Maybe processed foods are better to taste but they are not suitable for weight loss. Rather you should try eating as much as fresh foods including green leafy vegetables and fruits so that the nutritional intake is sufficient enough.
  • Supplement with Garcinia Cambogia Capsules: Garcinia cambogia capsules are possibly the best weight loss supplement. It is because of the fact that garcinia cambogia contains an active ingredient called Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA), which inhibits the function of fat producing cells in the body. But that’s not it. The super food garcinia helps keeping your food cravings in control, improves athletic endurance, and supports metabolism. Thus, garcinica cambogia capsules are a supplement for your overall health goals.
  • Exercise: Exercising is also one of the most important steps to burn excessive calories. It keeps your body active and is an essential step towards weight management. If you have started following conscious steps for weight loss, supplementing with garcinia cambogia capsules, it is good to combine them with moderate exercises and you would be all set to experience quick weight loss results.

Thus, a few weight loss tips can work wonders for everyone. When trying to find out a suitable garcinia supplement, do check out Nirvasa Garcinia Cambogia Capsules that come with added benefits of green tea and guggul extract for double the effectiveness.

Nirvasa Maca Root Capsules

Maca Root – The Lesser Known Superfood

When you think of a super food, probably you never think of Maca Root. Why? It is because in India, we have various other popular super foods, which are traditionally known for their health benefits. Maca root on the other hand originates from Peru and has only gained popularity in our part of the world in recent years, yet not to that extent where everyone recognizes it. However, when it comes to providing nutrition, it is rich in various vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C, iron, and copper. Although people have been trying to use it in powder form as an ingredient in smoothies, salads, soups, etc. however, maca root capsules have emerged to be the easiest way of its intake.

But what makes maca root a super food? Here are the benefits that enlist it in the super food category:

  1. Maca is Highly Nutritious: Maca root is highly nutritious being rich in carbs, protein, fiber, fat, vitamin C, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, vitamin B6, manganese, and more. Regular intake of maca root capsules helps fulfilling nutritional requirements of the body.
  2. Improves Libido in Men & Women: Aging, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and other factors lead to lower sexual drive in various adults. Maca root supplementation helps improving libido in both men and women and also helps reducing menopausal symptoms. In fact, various studies testify to this benefit of maca root.
  3. Carries Psychological Benefits: Maca root is known to have compounds called flavonoids, which help enhancing mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It also improves the ability of learning and memory.
  4. Good for Bodybuilders & Athletes: If you are a bodybuilder, a sportsperson or an athlete, supplementing with maca root capsules can put you in a win-win situation. Maca root has been known to boost energy, improve workout performance, build muscle, and improve strength.
  5. Good for Prostate Health in Men: The prostate is a gland found in men, which surrounds the tube through which urine is expelled from the body. Prostate enlargement is very common in aging men and it can cause issues with passing of urine and others related to sexual health. Maca root can help reducing prostate size and also avoid the risk of prostate cancer in men.
  6. May Help Balancing Hormone Levels: Hormones are not just related to reproductive health. Hormones play an important role in other body processes such as regulating metabolism, cognitive functions, regulating mood, hunger and thirst. Maca root carries adaptogenic properties, which supports normal hormone production.
  7. Reduces Blood Pressure: The rich potassium content in maca root helps counteracting sodium, which helps reducing blood pressure and provides protection against heart diseases.

In Conclusion

Maca root is a massive storehouse of nutrition and carries antioxidant properties, adaptogenic properties, and aphrodisiac properties. All of it in one food makes it the real super food, everyone should take. You can add it in powder form as an ingredient in various foods or go the easy way to take Nirvasa Maca Root Capsules. In any way, your health is going to win when you include maca root in your diet.

Nirvasa Keto Advanced Weight Loss Capsules

Planning the First Four Weeks of your Weight Loss Journey

When it comes to weight loss, beginning is often the hardest, but not exactly when you have a plan for it. A plan with realistic goals and strategy that stays with you for a long time is something that will always keep you going. While there are certain activities you need to plan out; the same needs to be combined with supplementation for effective results. For instance, keto weight loss capsules can be your perfect companion with other weight loss activities. And once that you reach your desired body weight, you can then continue with a strict plan that helps you keep your weight maintained. Let’s explore.

Week 1

  • Establish your Goals: It is very important upfront to set a realistic goal for your weight loss journey. You need to figure out why you have begun with the process and the point where you want to reach. Doing this will help you have a clear picture in your mind.
  • Get your Basics Right: This roughly includes following a proper sleep pattern, keeping yourself hydrated, battling your food cravings, and keeping stress away. Set a consistent bedtime and wake up time, follow a consistent morning & evening routine that involves self-care activities like meditation, and drink water throughout the day.

Week 2

  • Work on your Goals: It’s time to start working on the goals you established in the first week. Start with baby steps and let it get the momentum. For instance, apart from your usual routine, start walking an extra 1000 steps a day.
  • Track your Progress: This is all about adhering to a consistent routine. Check out if you have been able to follow a consistent sleep pattern or to control your calorie intake. Ask yourself what you have done to make your mornings & evenings poised for betterment. Consistency matters and what also matters is keeping track of it regularly.

Week 3

  • Choose your Supplementation: It is a proven fact that weight loss works best when your special activities are combined with supplementation. Keto advanced weight loss capsules have gathered immense popularity in the recent years due to their effectiveness as well as for being an alternative for a keto diet.
  • Take Massive Action: It is the week to gear things up and take massive action to achieve your weight loss goals. For instance, walk at least 5000 additional steps a day, lift some weights, incorporate at least 15 minutes of crunches in your morning routine, and more. It is this action which will help accelerating the excessive fat burn in your body.

Week 4

  • Meal Planning: Week 4 marks the right time to plan your daily meals. It doesn’t have to be the same every day, but your nutritional intake should be similar. There are a few dos and don’ts related to it. For instance, in your dos list, focus on nutritional intake from 4-5 protein sources, 4-5 vegetables, 3-4 fruits, 2-3 complex carbohydrates. And mark sugary beverages, sugary desserts, junk food, etc. in your don’ts list.
  • Revisit your Weight Loss Goals: It is similar to tracking your progress like you did in Week 2. Assess your progress and setbacks and try covering the shortcomings.

Summing up, this is a broader overview of the first four weeks of your weight loss journey. Just consistently follow the goals and habits you have established in first four weeks for a period of at least 6 months. Naturally, when you combine a lot of activities, take planned meals and supplement with keto weight loss capsules, you are likely to reach your weight loss goals. When choosing the right supplement, do check out Nirvasa Keto Advanced Weight Loss Capsules to experience more effective results.

Why is Ashwagandha the Hero of all the Herbs?

If there is one herb, the origin and usage of which dates back to thousands of years – that is Ashwagandha. The word Ashwagandha is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Ashwa, which means horse and Gandha, which means smell. The herb was roughly thought of providing the power of a horse. Traditionally, Ashwagandha was given as a ‘Rasayana’ to children and elderly in order to support their overall wellbeing. It was also used as a tonic to support memory, vitality, and hormonal function. Today, the herb is mostly available in the form of Ashwagandha Capsules or in powder form. But why is Ashwagandha called the hero of all the herbs? It is because of its innumerable benefits. So, let’s explore Ashwagandha benefits:

  1. Reduces Stress & Anxiety: Ashwagandha capsules are widely used to relieve stress and anxiety. It also helps improving concentration. Stress is primarily caused by the production of a hormone called cortisol. Ashwagandha is known to promote healthy levels of cortisol.
  2. Boosts Testosterone & Increases Men’s Fertility: The intake of Ashwagandha capsules has shown positive effects on boosting testosterone levels and improving reproductive health in men. Ashwagandha increases antioxidant levels in blood and helps in increasing sperm count and motility.
  3. Helps Increasing Muscle Mass & Strength: Ashwagandha helps improving body composition and increases strength. It also helps in reducing body fat and helps improving the strength of those who are engaged in physical workouts.
  4. Supports Joint Health: Ashwagandha improves the body’s inflammatory response and therefore provides good support to joint health. In some studies, Ashwagandha has been known to support occasional joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and discomfort due to normal wear and tear in the body.
  5. Improves the Quality of Sleep: The key to a healthy life is a good night’s sleep. From supporting immunity to improving brain health and other functions of the body, a healthy sleeping pattern is good for overall health. Due to its recuperative properties, Ashwagandha is known to support healthy sleep.
  6. Supports Immunity: Various Ayurvedic studies and practitioners have claimed that Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs to support immune system. In fact, it has been found to increase white blood cells in various animal studies. These claims are reinstated by the fact that ashwagandha is used as an ingredient in various immunity boosting supplements.
  7. Heart Health: Ashwagandha offers antioxidant support to the heart, which helps protecting it from free radicals in the blood. It is also known to support healthy levels of cholesterol and triglyceride, the disruption of which becomes a major cause of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems.

In conclusion, Ashawagandha carries multiple health benefits for men and women. Not only does it help fighting stress and boosting men’s fertility but also helps improving brain function and memory. Therefore, supplementing with Ashwagandha is extremely beneficial. And you can do so by taking Ashwagandha capsules. When looking out for a suitable Ashwagandha supplement, do check out Nirvasa Ashwagandha Capsules. Nirvasa is a young brand driven by a passion to make people healthier and their products are a testimony to naturalness and authenticity. Try this herbal dietary supplement from Nirvasa and experience how Ashwagandha benefits your health.