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Busting the Myths Around Protein Powder

Fitness and bodybuilding can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner. From settling into a workout regime, finding the right type of workout to having enough protein, there’s a lot of hustle involved. However, regardless of your fitness goals, one thing which will always be important is protein intake. More often than not, we are unable to get sufficient protein from our regular diet. So, this makes adding protein supplements crucial to your diet.However, there are a lot of myths about protein powders that make people believe that they are unhealthy and unsafe for consumption, which is not the case. So, today, we will bust some myths revolving around plant protein powder and protein powder intake in general. Let’s understand.

Myth 1 – Plant Protein isn’t as Good as Animal Protein

You might have heard folks saying that animal protein is complete protein and that plant protein may not have all nine essential amino acids that help muscle building and recovery. However, this isn’t true. You can talk to your gym coach and ask for a proper plant-based diet rich in protein. And if that isn’t sufficient, you can simply resort to the intake of plant protein powder for your protein requirements. In fact, by adopting plant protein, you are doing a favour to your health as it is faster to digest.

Myth 2 – Protein Supplements are only for Bodybuilders

Well, this one is widespread but definitely not true. It is so because an average person needs about 0.8 grams of protein per kg of their weight per day to stay healthy. Protein serves as a major building block for various bodily functions and if you are unable to get it in sufficient amount through your diet, you can definitely opt for supplementation. We would recommend getting plant protein powder for sustained benefits.

Myth 3 – Protein Powders are Artificial

Well, this is true to some extent as many brands add artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and flavours to their products. However, it doesn’t mean that all protein powders are the same. There are brands like Nirvasa which provide plant protein powder derived from completely natural sources and raw chocolate to add flavor. The primary purpose of these protein powders is to add sufficient protein in your diet.

Myth 4 – It Just Takes Protein Powder to Increase Muscle Mass

Well, this is not true. You cannot expect to gain muscle just with protein intake. Rather, your protein intake needs to be accompanied with strength training and spending ample time working out. Protein powders don’t work magically, but they are just an extension to your diet to fulfill your additional protein requirements.

In Conclusion

It is safe and effective to consume plant protein powder provided it is consumed under expert supervision. Excess of everything is bad so do not overdo when it comes to protein consumption. Also, as long as you take expert advice on protein intake and consume it as recommended on the packaging, you don’t have to worry about anything.


August 20, 2021

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