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Is Shilajit is Really Helpful in the Treatment of Sexual Weakness in Men?

Is Shilajit is Really Helpful in the Treatment of Sexual Weakness in Men?

Shilajit is considered to be nectar that was given by God to humankind to improve the overall health of man and to prevent aging. It has been mentioned in Charak Samhita and Sugruta Samhita that it can increase the age of a person to more than 100 years. A famous variety of Shilajit contains 85 different minerals and compounds, and some varieties contain 50 mineral varieties which help a person to fulfill the need to get nutrition and rejuvenate broken and damaged tissues. There are mainly four different types of Shilajit gold, copper, black iron, and silver. There are other forms of Shilajit which contain a good amount of lead and tin.

In laboratory tests, it has been proved that Shilajit is effective in treating almost all the medical problems for which it has been claimed to be effective. Initially, it was noticed by villagers living in the Himalayan Mountains that white monkeys licked some semi-solid substance which provided them with more strength and wisdom. Basically, it contains a mass of organic matter which is gummy and it contains fibers and earthy matter. The gum-like substance can be dissolved in water and when it is mixed in water, the sand-like substance is deposited on the base. The product has been sold in western countries for its benefits and it should not be taken in excess quantities as it can increase the level of “pitta” in the human body.

Recently a number of herbal products have been promoted widely in the name of Shilajit and these products are featured for improving the sexual health of a person. Most of the products available on online and offline shops, sold in the name of Shilajit, have different constituents. Some contain around 50 minerals and compounds, and some brands produce Shilajit which contains more than 80 different types of minerals and compounds. The buyer should ensure the reliability of the product before ordering to get one. The number of minerals depends on the region from where the product is collected. The white color Shilajit is considered to be the best. As per laboratory tests, it contains a good amount of fulvic acid and humic acid. It is also available in black and brown colors. Sometimes it is sold in a combined form with saffron and gold and added ingredients provide a better solution to the problem.

Shilajit ES is one of the most reliable and highly trusted brands available online for worldwide customers. It is a blend of the highest quality Shilajit with other powerful natural aphrodisiacs which are highly effective in treating sexual weakness in men. Shilajit ES promotes blood circulation, rejuvenates male reproductive organs, and increases energy level to perform better in bed. If a person is suffering from penile weakness or erectile dysfunction, it is highly recommended to follow a full course of Shilajit ES for minimum of 3 months to get the best-desired result. Massaging the private organ with Mast Mood oil will be added advantage and will heal the penile damage or weakness faster.


February 4, 2022

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