Nirvasa Eye Serum For Dark Circles
Nirvasa Eye Serum For Dark Circles Nirvasa Eye Serum For Dark Circles Nirvasa Eye Serum For Dark Circles

Nirvasa Eye Serum For Dark Circles

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Product Description

Are you looking for a natural remedy that can target those stubborn dark circles, wrinkles and eye bags beneath your lower eyelids?  It is no surprise that your under-eye skin is thinner and delicate than the skin on the rest of the face and need some extra pampering. This is what exactly Nirvasa Eye Serum actually does. This non-greasy eye serum is made using natural ingredients (Coffee bean, Potato starch, Banana flower, Papaya) that feed your under-eye skin with the vital micronutrients and diligently fight hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and puffiness around your eyes. So, pick this dark circles removal treatment- eye serum and get ready to unveil firm, younger-looking and beautiful eyes.

Skincare benefits of Nirvasa eye serum-

Reduces dark circles-

Are you fed up of those nasty dark circles around your eyes? Well, your under-eye skin is extremely delicate and more susceptible to hyperpigmentation. Best remedy for dark circles- eye serum contains potato starch and papaya extracts that make wonderful skin bleach. The bioactive compounds in this eye serum penetrate through the layers of your under-eye skin and diligently work to fade away those stubborn dark circles naturally and healthily.

Defies skin ageing-

Most people don’t realize the need for using best eye serum until they notice the signs of ageing around their eyes. This herbal eye serum comes enriched with banana flower and papaya extract that form a rich source of vitamin A, C and E that rejuvenate the cells and play a crucial role in skin renewal. Besides, the potato starch and coffee bean extract present in this natural elixir tightens under-eye skin and prevents wrinkles, fine lines &crow’s feet around the eyes.

Soothes and refreshes-

We all love coffee for its heavenly taste, sweet aroma and the instant jolt of energy it gives. But, do you know that apart from making a wonderful eye-opener, it makes an excellent potion for your under-eye skin as well? Yes, it’s true! The coffee bean extract in Nirvasa under-eye serum reduces puffiness around the eyes. Besides, this organic compound soothes the eyes and removes fatigue, leaving them fresh and relaxed.

Non-greasy formula-

Do you often shun the idea of using eye serums due to the sticky feel most of them impart? Don’t worry! natural treatment for dark circles- eye serum is a non-greasy formula that gets absorbed into your under-eye skin in a jiffy. So, forget that icky feeling and be ready to explore fresh, young and healthier under-eye skin every day.

Ingredients of dark circles removal serum-

  • Coffee bean extracts
  • Potato starch
  • Banana flower extracts
  • Papaya extracts

How to use eye serum?

For best results, lift a pea-sized amount of the serum using the dropper from the container and make dots on the eye counter area. Massage in a circular motion using your fingers until fully absorbed. Use twice daily- morning and night to contour the delicate skin beneath your eyes.

3 reviews for Nirvasa Eye Serum For Dark Circles

  1. Sadhna Pandey

    I’ve been using this natural eye serum for more than 5 months for reducing dark circles, wrinkles, dark spots and fatigue eyes.

  2. Kavya Seth

    Hello Guys, I am Kavya Seth

    I am regularly using Nirvasa eye serum for treating my dark circles, dark spots and hyperpigmentation around my eyes.

  3. Nivedita

    Eye serum really works just like a magic in treating dark circles, dark spots and hyperpigmentation problems.

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