Nirvasa Moringa Leaf Extract Capsules 500mg – 60 Capsules

(1012 customer reviews)
  • Advanced immunity booster for complete wellness – Moringa capsules contain valuable nutrients that support the body’s natural defences to help fight infections, allergies, and diseases.
  • Rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and enzymes that help regulate metabolism and bodily functions for strengthened immune response and overall health.
  • Each vegetarian capsule comes packed with authentic and premium quality Moringa (drumstick) leaf extract.
  • Made from Moringa Leaf extract and combining ancient ayurvedic wisdom and modern science for best health benefits.
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  • Boosts Immunity
    Vitamin C, iron, and calcium in Moringa support the body’s immune response and fend off infections, allergies, and diseases.
  • Relieves Inflammation
    Valuable nutrients in Moringa or drumstick reduce inflammation in tissues and muscles.
  • Improves Digestion
    Soluble fibers in these pills add bulk to the stool and keep the intestines clear, thus remove toxins from the body.
  • Prevents Anaemia
    Iron in Moringa leaves aids blood cells production and helps prevent anaemia.
  • Strengthens Bones
    Valuable minerals like calcium in Moringa leaves support bone mineralization and reduce the risk of bone fractures.
  • Boosts Heart Health
    Antioxidants in Moringa lower bad cholesterol, fight inflammation, and improve blood circulation for better heart functions.

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FSSAI Certified


Where there’s Moringa, there’s Health & More

Incorporate our Moringa capsules in your fitness regime for immunity, heart, bone health, eyes & overall wellness.


How to Consume

Take one capsule

Take one capsule

With a glass of lukewarm water

With a glass of lukewarm water

30 min after meals or as directed by a dietician.

30 min after meals or as directed by a dietician.

twice a day

twice a day

For Immune Health:
For Immune Health:

In recent times of newer emerging microbes and diseases, maintaining a strengthened immune response is super-essential. Moringa leaf extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support the body’s defence mechanism while maintaining overall

Pure & Authentic:
Pure & Authentic:

Our Moringa capsules come packed with the goodness of natural extract derived from healthy, premium quality of Moringa leaves, sourced directly from various farms in the country.

Safe & Effective:
Safe & Effective:

Nirvasa moringa capsules are FSSAI certified which ensures their effectiveness, authenticity, and safety. These capsules are manufactured in certified facilities under expert guidance. Also, these pills undergo a multi-stage testing procedure to ensure safety.

Up your Immunity to Get More Out of Life

Immune system is the body’s defence mechanism to fight infections, allergies, and diseases. A weak or compromised immune system takes a toll not only on the health but the quality of life as well. Therefore, make our moringa immunity booster a part of your fitness regime and get more in life.


Boosts Immunity
Boosts Immunity

Vitamin C and Iron support immune response

Strengthens Bones
Strengthens Bones

Calcium content in Moringa aids bone mineralization

Maintains Heart Health
Maintains Heart Health

Reduces inflammation and regulate blood pressure

Aids Digestion
Aids Digestion

Soluble fibers in Moringa aid digestion

Prevents Anaemia
Prevents Anaemia

Supports blood cell production & prevents anaemia

Curious to Know More?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Moringa good for?

    Moringa is a wonderful herb which is used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Its seeds, leaves, and stems have been used traditionally for treating various conditions like ulcers, joint pain, digestion problems, asthma, cholera, anaemia, and more.

  • Does Moringa help physical wellness?

    Moringa carries vitamins A and C that help men by improving physical functions. Vitamin A enhances virility and sperm protection. Vitamin C enhances the flow and circulation of blood, helping achieve stronger erections. It also increases libido in the body.

  • Moringa powder benefits

    Often used in nutrition bars, smoothies, and energy drinks, moringa powder provides relief from headaches, promotes weight loss, stimulates immunity, increases libido, and eases constipation. It provides plant-based proteins, vitamins, and minerals to the body.

  • How many moringa capsules should I take a day?

    Some clinical studies suggest taking 420mg to 2g of Moringa daily can help reap health benefits. Thus, you may take 3-4 capsules daily, preferably before taking the main meals. However, you should check dosage instructions on the product label or consult a doctor for best results.

  • What is the best way to take Moringa?

    Being a powerhouse, Moringa is best consumed directly in the powder form to get the most of proteins, minerals, and antioxidant benefits. However, this might lead to high/low consumption at times. Thus, moringa capsules are a worthy alternative to the powder.


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1012 reviews for Nirvasa Moringa Leaf Extract Capsules 500mg – 60 Capsules

  1. Shubham Khare

    Ever since I began having these capsules, I have observed I don’t fall ill at all. Highly recommended to boost immunity.

  2. Krishna

    Very effective for bone health. Experiencing lesser joint pain and more bone strength with its regular consumption.

  3. Raveena

    It’s truly a miraculous product. While it is known to support immune system, it is equally helpful to benefit skin & hair. Really like it for its effectiveness.

  4. Rupa

    If you are looking for an immunity booster, pick up moringa. My entire family is having these capsules. Very safe for consumption.

  5. Ravita Devi

    I don’t like having fruits, so fulfilling my vitamin deficiencies with these capsules. Recommended for all.

  6. Jaiveer Singh

    Thank you for bringing moringa to us. My mom & dad consume it regularly and are much active than before.

  7. Devina Banerjee

    Works wonderfully well for immunity and digestion. Personally experienced.

  8. Babli Pandey

    I couldn’t believe when I first came to know that moringa contains 7X vitamin C than oranges. But, its regular consumption has convinced me of its high nutritional profile.

  9. Vivek Kumar

    I needed a wholesome supplement for nutritional deficiency and overall wellness. These capsules were indeed a great pick. Thanks Nirvasa

  10. Pankaj Kumar

    My nine-hour shift at work used to leave me fatigued. But not anymore. Have been taking these moringa capsules for a month. It keeps me active throughout the day.

  11. Suresh Pandit

    Good product for general wellness. Happy to use!

  12. Savitri Joshi

    One of the most powerful dietary supplements that I have ever taken. Literally feel extra energy.