Nirvasa Korean Gingseng for Men & Women

Often feel lethargic in daily activities and in bed? Boost your energy and stay active with Nirvasa Korean Ginseng Capsules. Since ancient times, Korean Ginseng is known to strengthen the immune system, boost physical ability, and keep one energized. And as much as Korean Ginseng Capsules help you stay active, they also help you with improving your mood and making your brain function better.

  • Improves physical Wellness
  • Boosts Energy
  • Keeps you Active
  • Strengthens your Immune System
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  • Immunity
    Ginseng has rich properties to strengthen immune system. People who consume Korean Ginseng Capsules regularly stand a better chance to stay disease-free for long.
  • Nutrition
    Korean Ginseng is a powerhouse of nutrition. It contains ginsenosides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more to help fulfill your nutritional intake.
  • Energy
    Ginseng is known to help fight fatigue and promote energy. Ginseng contains compounds like polysaccharides and oligopeptides, which promote energy production in cells.
  • physical Wellness
    Regular consumption of Nirvasa Korean Ginseng Capsules may help muscle relaxation of private parts in men. Ginseng is rich in compounds that help restore damaged functionality of your private part.

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Plant Based


GMP Certified

FSSAI Certified



Nirvasa Korean Gingseng for Men & Women

How to Consume

Take One Capsule

Take One Capsule

With a Glass of Lukewarm Water

With a Glass of Lukewarm Water

30 Minutes after Meals

30 Minutes after Meals

Twice a Day

Twice a Day

Plant Based Potency:
Plant Based Potency:

Nirvasa Korean Ginseng Capsules contain 100% natural Korean Ginseng root extract. This may help improve your physical potency, fortifies your overall wellbeing and keeps you active in your daily affairs.

Energy Powerhouse:
Energy Powerhouse:

Whether it is age-related decline, stress or nutritional inadequacy, anything can make you feel lethargic at work or in your daily household activities. Regular consumption of Nirvasa Korean Ginseng Capsules helps overcoming tiredness and keeps you full of energy.

Certified Safe for Consumption:
Certified Safe for Consumption:

The formulation of Nirvasa Korean Ginseng Capsules is backed by thorough research by our experts. The product has also gone through multi-level testing for safety of consumption. It is FSSAI & GMP certified, which is a true testimony to its effectiveness and quality.

Curious to Know More?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of Korean Ginseng in improving your physical life?

    Korean ginseng helps improve blood flow to the reproductive organs. It helps relax muscles and is also effective against physical health problems that men face in their private lives.

  • Is ginseng good for the mind?

    Yes! Ginseng contains neuroprotective properties that may help fighting stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Can we take Korean ginseng capsules daily?

    It is recommended to consume 200-400 mg of Korean ginseng extract daily. The best thing is to start with lower doses and increase it with time. Korean ginseng consumption should not exceed daily recommendation as directed by a healthcare expert.

  • What are benefits of Korean ginseng?

    Korean ginseng helps improving blood flow to genitals. It helps relaxing muscles and is also effective against erectile dysfunction.

  • What is the best way & time to take Korean ginseng?

    You can take Korean ginseng as a capsule supplement though it is also available in other forms. It should be taken within two hours after eating a meal.


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