Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil Formulated to Control Hair Fall and Boost Hair Growth- 100ml

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Tired of dry and frizzy hair? It’s time you got back to a traditional hair care regimen with Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil. This onion oil for hair regrowth unlocks powerful hair revitalizing properties of 15 Ayurvedic ingredients.

  • Promotes Hair Regrowth
  • Prevents Dandruff & Premature Greying
  • Nourish the Hair Follicles
  • Naturally Potent Anti-Oxidant
  • Helps in Restoration of Lost Nutrients to Scalp
  • Prevents Hair from Bacterial Infections
  • Acts as a Natural Conditioner to Prevent Hair Dryness

One Bottle: 100ml

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  • Boosts Hair Growth
    Sulphur in onion helps in hair regeneration. Our Onion hair oil combines 10 Ayurvedic ingredients, helpful to prevent hair fall and promote regrowth of lost hair.
  • Imparts Strength & Shine
    A unique blend of Onion oil and ingredients like Amla, Brahmi, Bhringhraj, Shankhpushpi, and more; it not only strengthens hair roots but also imparts your hair a glowing shine.
  • Nourishes Scalp
    Constituents like Bhringhraj, Amla, and Jatamansi are rich in key nutrients that nourish the scalp, provide nutrition to hair follicles, and enable them grow strong and healthy.
  • Fights Bacterial Infections
    Prevents hair from bacterial infections caused by unwanted pollutants & chemical remains in hair roots.
  • Conditions Hair
    Onion oil and Bhringhraj both have properties to condition your hair and make it soft and shiny. The antioxidant properties of onion prevent drying, greying, and breakage of hair.
  • Prevents Premature Greying
    Regular massage of Onion oil on hair roots prevents oxidation of hair. It also helps maintaining regular pH of hair which prevents premature greying.

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Natural Ayurvedic Ingredients



Paraben Free

Sulphate Free

Reviving a Lost Tradition

A Loving Head Massage by Mom

Indian men are tackling issues with hair health as early as in their 20s. And women are no exception. Improper hair care disturbs your hair’s growth cycle & leads to hair loss. With changing times, what most of us miss is a hearty head massage fondly given by our mothers. Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil is here to revive that tradition. So, next time you get back home after a tiring day at work, take a head massage with our hair regrowth oil.

How to Use

Pour some amount of oil on your palm

Pour some amount of oil on your palm

Massage it gently all over your hair.

Massage it gently all over your hair.

Leave it overnight

Leave it overnight

Wash your hair using shampoo the next morning.

Wash your hair using shampoo the next morning.

Extra Sulphur Support
Extra Sulphur Support

Onions are rich in dietary sulphur, which helps produce keratin needed for growing strong hair. Massaging your hair with onion oil provides extra sulphur support for strong & thick hair.

Collagen Production
Collagen Production

Sulphur from Onion also boosts collagen production, which supports hair growth.

Improves Blood Circulation
Improves Blood Circulation

Applying Onion hair oil regularly increases blood supply to hair follicles, which improves hair growth.

Ayurvedic Power to your Rescue

A Perfect Blend of 15 Ayurvedic Ingredients



Increases blood supply to hair follicles that improves hair growth.


It aids blood circulation and carries deep moisturizing properties to work as a natural conditioner.


Rich in vitamin C, it promotes scalp health & prevents premature greying.

Curious to Know More?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you make onion oil?

    We formulate onion oil by following best practices that ensure most of the nutrients and vitamins are retained and passed on to the user. Thus, you can strengthen your hair and get rid of hair-related problems with Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil.

  • Can we apply onion oil daily?

    Using Onion oil daily is recommended if you are suffering from problems like dandruff and hair loss. You can still use the oil regularly if you are willing to boost the growth of your hair strands. Make sure to wash hair with a shampoo an hour/next day after its use.

  • Does onion oil really work?

    Yes. Onion oil works, and various studies have proved its effectiveness in preventing hair loss and treating baldness. Applying the oil to the scalp not only nourishing the follicles but also improves blood supply to hair strands. This, in turn, improves hair growth.

  • How long should onion oil be kept on hair?

    You can keep Onion oil on the scalp for availing its benefits for the hair. You can keep the oil for as less as 30 minutes to a maximum of overnight, after which, you should wash it with a shampoo. However, contact a dermatologist for the best advice.


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1051 reviews for Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil Formulated to Control Hair Fall and Boost Hair Growth- 100ml

  1. Santosh Kumar

    Superb hair oil.. herbal extracts such as brahmi, bhrigraj, multhi, and sahankhapushpi boost hair growth. My hair growth has become faster and I no more suffer hair loss. Thanks team Nirvasa.

  2. Ruhi Bhalla

    My hair feels smooth and silky after repeated use of this hair oil. The best part is it is non-sticky and can be left in the hairs for long.

  3. Ayaan

    Best product to stop hair fall. My hair feels soft, shiny, and lustrous upon regular use. Great product.

  4. Ekta Sengar

    My mom used to put few drops of onion juice in my hair when I was a kid. And I used to hate it. Today, I feel this onion hair oil is the best hair care product I have ever used.

  5. Arya

    Really nice hair oil with a lot of minerals and vitamins. Only a little amount is needed. And the bottle lasts longer.

  6. Savitri Jain

    Product is good and the packaging is sturdy. Regarding hair fall, I am feeling the difference and my hair feel soft and silky.

  7. Tanya Kumari

    Tried it for the first time. It has truly brought back that black luster to my hair within 3 weeks of usage.

  8. Anushka

    Effective remedy for those with weak hairs. Supports hair growth.

  9. avneet

    Very nice product. No pungent smell. Gets removed from hair easily with shampoo

  10. Bhavna

    The product is really useful for people with thinning hairs like me. Go for it.

  11. Kartik Aryan

    Very useful product for hair fall. Must try.

  12. Amaira

    Brilliant product. Smoothens hair and improves texture. Thumbs up!

  13. Lokesha Pandit

    Finished one bottle and second bottle is half used, tremendous reduction in hair fall. Works well for thinning hair.

  14. megha

    Best non sticky and non greasy hair growth oil you can find online. My hair feel silkier and stronger.

  15. shiyantani

    My hair fall has greatly reduced after continuous use of this natural supplement. Nice product.

  16. Rupa

    The product did a great job. Hair dryness, frizz and dandruff all gone.

  17. Kunwar Pratap Singh

    No harsh fragrance or chemicals. Nice product.

  18. Gurpreet Singh

    Excellent! That’s enough to describe.

  19. Advika

    Best hair oil I have purchased. Going to buy another bottle.

  20. Dhriti

    I am using this oil for a few months now and has really made a huge difference. My hair have never felt this soft my whole life. Going to use it for longer.

  21. Nitika Jain

    Scent of the hair oil is fabulous. Organic extracts in the formula makes it the best supplement for hair growth. Recommend.

  22. Abhimanyu Singh

    Just using it for a week and noticing difference. Waiting for more results.

  23. Jassi

    Excellent product for dry scalp and effective in keeping dandruff away. Using it for 6 months now and I am extremely happy with the product.

  24. Rashmi Kishore

    This product really is useful and promotes healthy hair growth. Also, it is non-sticky and can be left in the hair for long.

  25. avantika

    Amazing hair care oil with goodness of onions but no pungent smell.

  26. Ritika Pandey

    Worth the money. Like it.

  27. Aaradhya Jain

    It is non-sticky and gives impressive results. Best hair oil I find online.

  28. Vartika Verma

    Nice product! It has made my dry & frizzy hair quite smooth and shiny. Maybe there’s something special about the method of using it. I take a head massage at night and wash my hair the next day. Works wonderfully.

  29. Rupsi Khatri

    Amazing products and quick delivery system by Nirvasa impressed me a lot.

  30. Falguni

    Hair fall greatly reduced.

  31. Shubangi Dubey

    Glad to provide feedback about this product. This onion oil has goodness of other herbs too like Bhringraj, Brahmi and all. Perfect to reduce premature grey hair.

  32. Prateek Verma

    By far the best detangling hair oil I came across. Comes with goodness of ayurvedic herbs. Recommended to all.

  33. Rishu Rawat

    I tried a lot of oils and shampoos, even hair serums but none showed desired results. Feels like this onion oil from Nirvasa is just made for me. Only two weeks of regular use and there’s no dandruff.

  34. Jyotica Tangri

    I have used this oil for quite long due to all good things it can do to your hair and scalp.

  35. Manu Yadav

    I’ve been using it for two weeks and found improvement. It has almost removed my dandruff. Highly recommended for use.

  36. Garima Jain

    My dandruff is gone and hair fall is reduced very well.

  37. Lavisha Rathore

    Best for hair growth and dandruff issues. This non-sticky hair oil is a must buy.

  38. Lavi Kumari

    Best pick for people with thin hair,, it increases thickness of hairs.

  39. Anirudh Kumar

    Amazing product at a reasonable price.

  40. Amrita

    It stopped my hair fall and dandruff issues in less time. Highly recommend.

  41. Manvi Saxena

    Thanks Nirvasa for this gem of a product. The oil is non-sticky but very effective at the same time. It has pretty much solved my hair fall problem.

  42. Jalveer Singh

    This hair oil is amazing. It suits all of us. Me, my wife, our kids and my mother. Got to order more.

  43. Aarohi Pandey

    Nice fragrance, no smell of onion, made my hair smooth and silky, must try.

  44. Poonam Kapoor

    It’s a modern-day hair care solution. I can feel how deeply it nourishes my scalp. It reduced my scalp irritation within a week. I recommend it to everyone.

  45. Aayush Yadav

    Nirvasa onion oil really work for stopping hair fall. Baalo ka jhadna kam ho gaya. Nice product.

  46. Akshay Rathore

    This oil smells great. The best part- it works and is non-sticky.

  47. Bhavini

    This hair oil really works. It has made my hair grow long and shiny.

  48. Shalini Jain

    Value for money. This oil is making my hair look dense and thick. Patchy areas are getting healed. Really nice product but doesn’t show instant result.

  49. Parul Khatri

    It’s a genuine product. Have been using it for the last 4-5 weeks. It made my hair smooth and soft.

  50. Anushka

    Really nourishing. My hair appear thick and strong.

  51. Bhagyasri

    Purchased this on a friends recommendation, and it was one of the best advice I got. My hair is improved magically.