Nirvasa Plant Protein in Raw Chocolate Flavor – 400 GMS

(1016 customer reviews)
  • Addicted to stronger muscles? Nirvasa Plant Protein Powder makes a powerful supplement to fulfill your workout needs.
  • Powerful ingredients contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support physical stamina, strength and gain muscle mass.
  • Plant-based ingredients to replenish your body with valuable nutrients for optimal health benefits.
  • Natural, safe, and certified.
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  • Athletic Endurance
    Essential nutrients in the plant protein strengthen tissues, muscles, and bones for improved physical stamina.
  • Replenish the Body
    Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants replenish the body and ward off nutritional deficiencies.
  • Muscle Repair
    Proteins are the building blocks and taking enough protein helps repair tissue and muscle injuries faster.
  • Youthfulness
    Plant protein powder comes fortified with antioxidants and minerals that repair cellular damage and prevent premature aging of the skin.
  • Weight Management
    Soluble fibers in plant-protein powder render a feeling of satiety and help limit calorie intake.
  • Boost Digestive Health
    Dietary fibers in this herbal formulation stimulate digestive processes and keep the intestines clear of waste and toxins.

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FSSAI Certified


For Best Workout Performance & Overall Health



How to Consume

Add One Scoop (10g)

Add One Scoop (10g)

To 200 ml of cold milk & shake till completely absorbed.

To 200 ml of cold milk & shake till completely absorbed.

Sweeteners may be added as desired.

Sweeteners may be added as desired.

Take 2 servings per day or as directed by a dietician/nutrition expert.

Take 2 servings per day or as directed by a dietician/nutrition expert.

Optimal Results
Optimal Results

Our plant-protein supplement diligently replenishes the body with vital nutrients and improves stamina and strength to help you reach optimal results from workouts. Also, these nutrients help muscle repair and boost energy levels.

Delicious Taste
Delicious Taste

The plant protein powder has a non-chalky consistency and its raw chocolate flavor pleases the taste buds. Also, it carries versatile use and can be mixed with juices and smoothies of your choice, which makes a perfect post-workout supplement.

Safe & Certified
Safe & Certified

Our protein powder is free from harmful chemicals and carries FSSAI certification to ensure safety and effectiveness. It is formulated by industry experts after extensive research and is manufactured under hygienic conditions in certified facilities.

Good Things Come to those Who Go Healthy

Most men and women on the go often find ensuring proper nutrition a bit challenging. Result? Nutritional deficiencies, poor physical strength, and increased risk of infections and maladies! Our plant protein powder makes an easier alternative to replenish the body with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals.


Better Athletic Endurance
Better Athletic Endurance

Improves Physical Stamina & Strength

Weight Management
Weight Management

Renders Satiety & Limits Calorie Intake

Nourishes Body
Nourishes Body

Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants Rejuvenate the Body

Digestive Health
Digestive Health

Dietary Fibers keep Intestines Clear

Want to Know More?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best plant protein?

    Consuming the right plant-based diet can feed your body with essential proteins and acids. You can add sources like tofu, quinoa, and soybeans to your diet or take the Nirvasa Plant Protein that offers all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

  • What plants are high in protein?

    Out of all the plant-based protein sources, soy is a complete package containing all the essential amino acids. Other sources of high protein include tofu, edamame, pulses, lentils, chickpeas, and beans.

  • Why is plant protein good for you?

    While protein is already known as a building block for tissues and muscles, plant protein aids weight loss as well. As compared to animal proteins, they contain fewer calories but more essential nutrients and fibers. Besides, plant protein keeps you fuller for long.

  • Which protein is best for weight loss?

    A protein-rich diet helps you lose weight by reducing calorie intake. However, plant-based proteins keep you fuller for long, serving the purpose better. Nirvasa Plant Protein packs all the essential nutrients and vitamins, offering other health benefits as well.


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1016 reviews for Nirvasa Plant Protein in Raw Chocolate Flavor – 400 GMS

  1. Bablu Pathak

    Good product and sturdy packaging.

  2. Radhika Madan

    Amazing product…! easily digest and no bloating. And love the taste of it.

  3. smriti

    Awesome chocolate flavour and smooth consistency, like it

  4. Mayura Pandit

    Nice product, value for money.

  5. Bani Sharma

    It’s a good product for vegetarians. Helps improve workout performance and improves overall health.

  6. Rupali

    Work wonders for post workout muscle recovery. Amazing supplement.

  7. suresh

    This plant protein has moderately thick consistency and I don’t feel a need for adding milk in it. It already has a decent amount of protein required by the human body every day.

  8. Mehak Pandey

    Easy to use and effective product, can be mixed with a smoothie and banana shake.

  9. jignesh

    One jar finished, now ordering another one.. it taste great and make wonderful tool to achieve aesthetic body.

  10. surav

    Nice packaging, quick delivery, amazing results. What’s more one need?

  11. Bhupinder Singh

    The taste is great and it doesn’t have any pungent or bad smell, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive olfactory functions.

  12. ridhi

    Perfect for everyday use and makes an amazing supplement for workoutholics.

  13. Vineet Sharma

    Very nice product, safe and effective.

  14. Shivam Singh

    Good post-workout supplement…helps fast muscle recovery.

  15. nikita

    I am really impressed with the plant-based protein powder. It quickly gets mixed in water to a smooth consistency. Since I am a vegetarian, I feel this product very useful for me.

  16. Pankaj Kumar

    Great for athletes and body builders. Like this plant protein.

  17. Luv

    Raw chocolate flavour is good. Waiting for more flavours to come.

  18. akshay

    Best post-workout supplement. Helps heal muscle.

  19. Vrushali Kapoor-

    There is no chalky taste and foul smell. The product does its job well..satisfied with the results.

  20. jalveer singh

    It’s so filling and energizes me to the core. Helps prevent hunger pangs.

  21. Hemant Singh

    Plant proteins in the market are generally not that great but this one is an exception. Liking it for the lightness, consistency, and texture.

  22. Yash Sharma

    Product is good. I ordered it again. Highly satisfied with results.

  23. ayush

    Great plant protein with no artificial sweetener version of plant protein. It constains a very subtle chocolate flavour and doesn’t taste too much sweet. fill me up and give energy for workouts.

  24. Vikash chatterjee

    Best workout supplement at the best price. Works well.

  25. Babita Singh

    Nirvasa plant protein is one of the best supplement a fitness enthusiast needs.

  26. jyoti

    This pea plant protein powder works great for lean muscle mass gain and energise the body to the core. Helps muscle recovery as well.

  27. Suraj Rathore

    Using this protein supplement for more than a month now and my skin already feels smooth and glowy.

  28. shiney

    Provides a good dose of protein and helps maintain physical stamina for workouts.

  29. rahul

    Most tasteful and smooth protein powder I have found. Mst buy.

  30. Mohsin ali

    After using many protein supplements, I found perfect one..awesome taste and impressive results for all who luv exerciser.

  31. Meera Rajput

    I tried couple of plant proteins and this one is way better and effective, can be mixed in water and juices easily.

  32. emran

    Picked up a plant protein for the first time and honestly feel it better than my expectations. Great product at a value price.

  33. Manjari Seth

    It has a non-chalky consistency and awesome product. Great for gym goers.

  34. Ananad Khatri

    This veg protein powder contains an earthy chocolaty flavour and that is the sbest part.

  35. rakesh

    Best consumed when mixed with a smoothie out of it for better taste profile. It is smooth, filling and the chocolate flavor makes it tasty.

  36. Naveen Kumra

    Mixes well with water, no bad smell or taste.

  37. abhishek

    Easy to digest and no bloating. Nice product at good price.

  38. Heer Kapoor

    If you are looking for high quality, vegetarian and effective plant protein, go for it.

  39. Lokesh Rathore

    Must have for fitness freaks, it doesn’t have an after taste.


    It’s the best protein supplement you can find online. It helps to fulfill the protein requirement in day to day life.

  41. Chiraag

    It’s the best protein supplement you can find online. It helps to fulfill the protein requirement in day to day life.

  42. Pradeep Prajapati

    I just turned vegetarian and was luking for a plant protein powdr. Just started using it and already in luv with this prod. Thanks Nirvasa.

  43. lalit

    Smooth consistency and delicious taste.

  44. Tushar Garg

    Amazing product with awesome taste