Nirvasa Safed Musli Extract Capsules- 6 Bottles Pack
Nirvasa Safed Musli Extract Capsules- 6 Bottles Pack

Nirvasa Safed Musli Extract Capsules- 6 Bottles Pack

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Product Description

Safed Musli is one of those ancient remedies that quickly respond to debilitating health. It continues to amaze with its turnaround abilities for the depleting health condition. Today most of the brands are taking undue advantage of the natural herbs and blending it with fillers and chemicals. The research and knowledge before using any Safed Musli capsules are a must to avoid further health complications. With this perspective, Nirvasa is transparent and allows its users to first go through the ingredients used in the formulation. They are authentic, pure, and natural and far cry from side effects.

We emphasize on increasing the quality of wellness. Our perpetual efforts in the field of nutraceutical have kept us ahead in the competition and with supplements like Safed Musli, we have reached the pinnacle of trust and success simultaneously. Nirvasa has profoundly researched ingredients that have been blended with Safed Musli supplements and made the product breakthrough. The rawness of ingredients used in our Safed Musli supplements retains the richness of nature and has become a leading brand for health and wellness.

Safed Musli is a powerful and ayurvedic remedy known to enhance the functioning of the body and empower wellness. It is a sure shot way to curb sexual disorders and restore health naturally. Sexual problems are usually a problem of disruption of blood flow in the penis. This causes a problem for the penis to erect properly, making it difficult for individuals to enjoy the upbeat moments on bed. The same sort of problems is experienced in case of premature ejaculation that wards you off from intensified sex drive. These problems are common in men that are attributed to the upheaval in sex life. This attitude with a decline in testosterone makes you face perpetual dominance by your wife followed by facing the dilemma of apprehension.

The persistence of problems like low energy, strength, and confidence are the additional factors that wreak havoc. Soon the weaknesses turn into a habit followed by taking over apprehension. Safed Musli for these common sexual problems is apt medicine that supports the body to absorb maximum nutrition from the foods and fruits your avail, thereby helping the body to produce testosterone level to reach the highest form of sex.

Sexual dysfunction is soaring among men and women, affecting the lives of both genders equally. No solutions last for long that claim to eliminate such disorders. Sexual problems are linked to the testosterone the deficiency of which leads to the painful sex life that keeps you distant from intimacy & arousal.

The unavailability of best sexual supplements is the reason that one is forced to live an unhappy life with gloominess all around. It is imperative to have an understanding of the sexual supplements you are choosing. Every sexual male enhancement supplement doesn't guarantee to bring the luster of warmth during intercourse. Safed Musli extract is an ancient herb that acts as a potent medicine to combat toxins, impurities, and fulfill the nutritional needs of the body. Nirvasa Safed Musli sexual power supplements are prepared using three ayurvedic herbs that contain medicinal, aphrodisiac, antioxidants, adaptogen, spermatogenic, and other health-promoting properties. They synergistically work to support the sexual health and prolong the time of intercourse of bed. Nirvasa guarantees that our herbal safed Musli male enhancing pills take good control of the sexual life by replenishing the body with all essential compounds.

Benefits Of Safed Musli capsules-

  • Improves vigor and vitality
  • Boosts stamina and endurance
  • Supports digestive health
  • Stronger immunity system
  • Improved athletic performance and muscle strength
  • Reduces inflammation and prevent swelling & pain
  • Supports joint health
  • Reduces throat infections
  • Promotes weight management program
  • Combats fatigue and keeps you active
  • Improves testosterone level
  • Promotes cognitive health

Ingredients of Safed Musli (White Musli)-

  • Pure Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) extract-500 mg.
  • Saponin- 20%
  • Morpheme Shwet Musali or Asparagus Adscendens

HOW to use Safed Musli capsules?

Take two capsules a day (Morning and Night) with lukewarm water. Maintain a gap of at least 30 minutes post meal then, take Safed Musli capsules. Avoid other medication while consuming Safed Musli capsules if using any. The supplements are strictly prohibited by lactating mothers, nursing mothers, and children below 18. Consult a doctor for excess dose if you want to increase.

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  1. Gurmeet Singh

    Safed Musli capsules is an unbelievable product for improving sexual performance… it help me boost the strength and stamina along with confidence.

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