Nirvasa Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Wrinkles – 50gm

(1048 customer reviews)
  • Infused with herbal extracts, Nirvasa Under-eye Cream comes packed with botanical extracts known for their gentle, rejuvenating action on the delicate under eye skin.
  • Herbal oils and extracts come enriched with powerful skin lighteners that diligently work to unleash clear, young, and fresh skin under the eyes.
  • Rich in skin-firming agents that fight premature aging and promote younger-looking under-eyes.
  • Non-sticky, quick-absorbing, and lightweight formula for easy application and everyday use.
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  • Removes Dark Circles
    Natural skin lighteners such as almond, sandal, kiwi, and green tea fade away dark circles, promoting clear and fresh under eye area.
  • Skin Rejuvenation
    Vitamins and minerals in the eye cream rejuvenate skin cells and prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes.
  • Reduces Puffiness
    Puffiness and eye bags are common and skin-firming agents such as lemongrass and carrot seed in the under-eye cream reduce puffiness and eye bags.
  • Soothes Eyes
    Hydrating agents such as green tea in the under-eye cream provide a soothing effect to the eyes and relieve eye fatigue.

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Plant-derived Ingredients

No Parabens or Mineral Oil


For all Skin Types

Reinvent your Under-eye Radiance

How to Use

Take a pea-sized amount of the cream and apply it to the under-eye area.

Take a pea-sized amount of the cream and apply it to the under-eye area.

Massage it gently with fingertips in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

Massage it gently with fingertips in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Use twice daily – morning & night.

Use twice daily – morning & night.

Rejuvenates Under-eye Area
Rejuvenates Under-eye Area

Botanical extracts such as almond, sandalwood, kiwi, wheatgerm oil, lemongrass, and green tea in the under-eye cream reduce dark circles, prevent wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, puffiness, and saggy skin around the eyes.

Non-sticky & Lightweight
Non-sticky & Lightweight

The under-eye cream is a lightweight and non-sticky formula that does not feel heavy. Also, it is free of parabens, which makes it a suitable pick for even those with sensitive eyes

Gentle & Safe
Gentle & Safe

This natural under-eye cream contains medical-grade botanical ingredients that are gentle to the skin and do not irritate sensitive under-eye skin or eyes. Also, our ayurvedic under-eye cream meets international safety standards.

Your Eyes Say it All

The skin beneath the eyes is thinner than skin on the rest of the face and requires extra care and attention. Our advanced under-eye cream is uniquely crafted to address all your under-eye concerns and to provide you with clear, young and fresh under eye area naturally.


Anti-dark Circle
Anti-dark Circle

Removes Nasty Dark Circles Beneath the Eyes


Rejuvenates Skin, Prevents Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Puffiness

Soothes Eyes
Soothes Eyes

Green Tea Hydrates Under-eye Skin & Removes Eye Fatigue

Want to Know More?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I use anti-dark circle cream?

    You can use anti-dark circle cream in the morning or evening or both times. Being lightweight, you should apply a cream with SPF before other makeup items in the morning. In the evening, use the one without SPF allowing the skin to absorb the ingredients.

  • How can I remove my dark circles?

    The best approach to removing dark circles under the eyes is combining a careful skincare regime with healthy lifestyle changes. A healthy lifestyle & cosmetic treatments prevent premature aging under the eyes, reducing stopping darkness and other aging signs.

  • What causes dark circles and wrinkles?

    Besides age, iron deficiency, extreme fatigue, oversleeping, and sleep deprivation are some common causes of dark circles. Overexposure to sun, pollution, stress, smoking, and squinting are some of the reasons related to the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.

  • Which eye cream is best after 30?

    Creams containing natural ingredients are powerful enough to treat problems like wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Nirvasa under eye cream packs the goodness of sandal oil, almond oil, soy protein, and other natural healers and is one of the best eye creams for regular use.

  • When should I start using under eye cream?

    Various experts suggest the early 20s and 30s to be the best time to start using under eye cream (or anti-aging products). That’s the time when skin starts losing collagen, and applying a cream helps prevent aging signs from appearing in the first place.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1048 Reviews
Based on 48 reviews
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1048 reviews for Nirvasa Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Wrinkles – 50gm

  1. Arpit Rawat

    Works great for removing under-eye circles. Nice one to buy.

  2. Zaid

    I am using this under-eye cream on a friend’s recommendation and must say it was the best advice I received from her. This cream is extremely effective and has worked magic to remove stubborn dark circles under my eyes.

  3. Piyush Jaiswal

    Value for money product. Must buy.

  4. Himani Kapoor

    Effective in fading pigmentation around the eyes and cooling agents in the formula comes soothes eyes and removes pigmentation.

  5. Rani

    Natural under-eye cream brightens the area around the eyes. it’s so effective.

  6. Chanchal Rajput

    Highly effective product for dark circles. Safe for sensitive eyes.

  7. Savita Jain

    Very soothing and nourishing under-eye cream with natural ingredients. Recommend it.

  8. Chandani

    Best under-eye cream I found online. It effectively reduces dark circles and makes the skin lighter in tone.

  9. Radhika Jain

    This Under Eye Cream contains some vital vitamins and is free from parabens and mineral oil. Works great.

  10. Brinda Chawla

    I has terrible pigmentation under the eyes and was looking for natural product to fade away nasty pigmentation. This eye cream work great for removing dark circles and do not cause irritation.

  11. Utkarshi Ruthela

    Go for it guys,,,I love it for its fragrance.

  12. Rinki Jain

    Just wow!! The way it has transformed my under-eye skin is simply exceptional.

  13. Nidhi Jain

    Perfect for sensitive eyes. Doesn’t irritate my eyes.

  14. Megha Pundir

    I am using Nirvasa under eye cream for treating dark circles and I am fully satisfied with its amazing working.

  15. Yuvika Shastri

    Controls dark circles under eyes and promote clear and beautiful skin.

  16. Anita Devi

    I am using this under eye cream for the past one month now and it has worked best for my sensitive under-eyes.

  17. Suresh Yadav

    Removes dark circles very fast, it is a non-sticky cream.

  18. Neelima

    Amazing under-eye cream with natural extracts. Worth the money. Excellent product.

  19. Kavita Pathak

    Good product with value for money.

  20. Pinki Yadav

    I’m really very satisfied and happy with Nirvasa under-eye cream. It tightens the skin around your eyes and ward off fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.

  21. Dipanshu Gupta

    A quick-absorbing cream with profound impact on eyes.

  22. Namrata Rastogi

    It is a really effective product and helped me a lot in dealing with dark circles as well as puffiness around eyes.

  23. Manu Yadav

    Light weight and gentle formula for my sensitive under-eyes. Nice product.

  24. Farida Khan

    The way this under-eye cream soothe my eyes is incredible.

  25. Utkarsh Shukla

    Reduces the visibility of dark circles under eyes. Would recommend.

  26. Pragya

    Very effective anti-dark circle cream. No doubt on quality.

  27. Mamta Gaba

    After 20 days use of the cream, it has lightened my dark circles. Also, this cream has a concealer effect and helps ward off fine lines and wrinkles.

  28. Dharmesh

    Really works. Worth the price.

  29. Jhanvi

    I just loved the coolness it provides to my tired eyes.

  30. Namrata Rajpoot

    It applies very smoothly and provides a soothing effect to the eyes. The formula is very lightweight and do not give a sticky feeling.

  31. Anita Kumari

    Has worked for me. Amazing eye cream with gentle and natural ingredients. Thanks Nirvasa.

  32. Nitika Rajput

    Awesome product… love this soothing eye cream.

  33. Mahesh Babu

    Very light weight formula with sweet fragrance.

  34. Preeti Sharma

    I had intense dark circle and dense spots around eyes. I used various eye care cream, and gel but they didn’t work. Then I used Nirvasa under eye cream and my spots got less dark in very less time. Also it keeps the under eye skin refreshing and healthy.

  35. Damini Parihar

    This dark circle cream is super effective in treating dark circles and wrinkles that made me look older.

  36. Nitin Joshi

    The best non-greasy and non sticky undereye cream available online. Like it.

  37. Rupali Shastri

    Must buy, very effective under-eye cream.

  38. Ishita

    I don’t know whether its showing results or not but my under-eye skin is feeling radiant and fresh after a weeks use.. fingers cross for more results.

  39. Heena Devi

    A nice one.I has been using it for quite long,, impressed with the results.

  40. Ravita

    Impressive results, attractive packaging, creamy consistency, and heavenly smell.

  41. Preeti Sharma

    Impressive results, my under-eye are clearer than ever after one month of it.

  42. Tripti Jain

    I really love the product. After using this under eye cream, I get positive relief from dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines.

  43. Chanchal Sinha

    Value for money,,,nice product.

  44. Ikshita

    Gets easily absorbed. Quality product at a budget price.

  45. Garima

    I can feel the results, really love the product, its lightweight and amazing.

  46. Ruby

    Nice product, like it.

  47. Roshni Kumari

    Best products for under eye concern,,,,it soothes eyes

  48. Daksha Mudliyar

    No heavy fragrance and very light weight formula, best under-eye cream at an effective price.