Nirvasa Electrify Vitamin C and Zinc Effervescent Vitamin C 1000mg, Zinc 10mg – 20 Tablets

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Discover electrifying energy and get your daily dose of immunity in two effervescent tablets. It turns into a delicious orange drink when dissolved in water. Comes in a compact packaging so that you can keep it handy for immunity on the go.

  • Natural vitamin C & zinc to boost immunity
  • Keeps you energized & rejuvenates your skin cells
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  • Boost Immunity
    Helps boost immunity with its 1000mg vitamin C content. Since the body cannot produce vitamin C itself, Electrify is your daily immune booster.
  • Dual Action
    The synergistic action of vitamin C with zinc ensures faster absorption in the body. While vitamin C keeps infections at bay; zinc regulates cell functionality for improved immunity & energy flow.
  • Convenience in Effervescence
    Capsules can be boring to take. These vitamin c tablets save you from the hassle of swallowing capsules. Find fun in their unique fizzy formula, which makes their intake super convenient.
  • Tastes Well
    Give a tangy twist to your tongue as these natural vitamin C and zinc tablets turn into a delicious orange drink to please your taste buds.
  • Consume On the go
    These tablets come in a travel-friendly packaging so that you can consume them anytime, anywhere. A good pick for office goers, sportspersons and gym-goers.
  • Gentle on Stomach
    The fizzy formula of these tablets acts fast & absorbs faster, leaving a gentle effect on stomach. When turned into drink, it refreshes you to the core and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

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FSSAI Certified

Replace your Caffeine Kick with our Immunity Shot

vitamin c

How to Consume

Drop a tablet in a glass of water

Drop a tablet in a glass of water

Let the tablet get completely dissolved

Let the tablet get completely dissolved

Once dissolved, Drink it up

Once dissolved, Drink it up

Twice a day

Twice a day

Charged Up White Blood Cells
Charged Up White Blood Cells

Consuming one Electrify tab twice a day helps production of lymphocytes & phagocytes (white blood cells), which primarily protect the body against infections.

Antioxidant Support
Antioxidant Support

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens your body’s natural defense system.

Prevent Iron Deficiency
Prevent Iron Deficiency

100 mg of vitamin C improves iron absorption by 67%. Iron plays a major role to keep your immune system strong.

Curious to Know More?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are vitamin C effervescent tablets good for you?

    Vitamin C effervescent tablets provide the body with an essential vitamin that is a natural immunity booster. It helps reduce chronic and heart disease risks, manage high BP, prevent the deficiency of iron, and protect age-based thinking and memory.

  • Can I take vitamin C effervescent every day?

    Yes. You can take vitamin c effervescent every day. The tablets are made with the required amount of vitamin and zinc that your body needs to stay energized throughout the day. Being easy-to-absorb, the tablet strengthens your immune system as well.

  • Is it ok to take vitamin C and zinc together?

    When taken together, vitamin c and zinc provide the body with required immune defense and nutrition. This combination has been proved more effective in reducing rhinorrhoea than placebo, helps treat certain deficiencies, and promote overall wellness.

  • What is zinc and vitamin C used for?

    When combined, vitamin c and zinc help improve the immune system’s functioning and strength. From treating cold and cough to treating nutritional deficiencies and fighting diseases, both help us lead a healthy life. Besides treating, they also suppress symptoms.

  • Does vitamin C and zinc help flu?

    For people suffering from the influenza virus, both zinc and vitamin c help strengthen the immune system and reduce the intensity and duration of cold by 24-36 hours. Take Nirvasa Electrify vitamin C and zinc effervescent tablets if you catch infections often.


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1062 reviews for Nirvasa Electrify Vitamin C and Zinc Effervescent Vitamin C 1000mg, Zinc 10mg – 20 Tablets

  1. Nimisha Pandey

    Smells like orange… Good product in my experience.

  2. Supreet Kaur

    What a nice product. A fun way to keep vitamin C fulfilled. Easy and tasty to consume. 100% recommended for all.

  3. Hemalata

    What a unique way to have vitamin C & zinc. Tablets that turn into a drink. Nice product and tasty too.

  4. Chandani Singh

    Vitamin C tablets stops seasonal flu and infections from hitting your body. Highly effective immunity booster.

  5. Tejshwani Shukla

    Bought it on a friend’s recommendation. Totally satisfied. A genuine product full of fun and taste.

  6. Rinki Yadav

    Nice product at budget price.

  7. Premlata Yadav

    My everyday immunity shot. Like it.

  8. Nikita Jaiswal

    Nice product with travel-friendly packaging.

  9. Jesminder

    Excellent product. Nice compact packaging and a modern solution to boost immunity.

  10. Ravita Yadav

    Decent product at a reasonable price.

  11. Navneet Singh

    Vitamin C tablets stops seasonal flus and infections from hitting your body. Highly effective immunity booster.

  12. Armaan Bijlani

    I tried various immunity boosters but this is so far the best and most unique. Highly recommended.

  13. Poonam Yadav

    Really liked its tangy orange taste. A tasty option for immunity. Must buy.

  14. Vivek Jaiswal

    Vitamin C tablets by Nirvasa are highly beneficial when it comes to improving immunity and overall health, plus its refreshing citrusy taste is a bonus.

  15. Monazir

    The way it dissolves in the water,,,mind blowing.

  16. Surbhi Gupta

    Using these pills regularly and they’re amazing in taste, I just love to watch the way these tablets getting dissolved in water.

  17. Parul Sharma

    These effervescent tablets not only boost immunity but charges you up as well. Best vitamin C supplement I found.

  18. Shaurya Mehta

    My daily immunity dose after breakfast. Tasty and healthy.


    The way it dissolves in the water, mind blowing.

  20. Juhi Singh

    I took it for boosting immunity. High energy levels come as a bonus.

  21. Sanjana

    Using these tablets for a month now, and it has brought a beautiful glow to my skin.

  22. Parul Saxena

    This is an important addition to my covid prevention essentials. Three things I always keep with me nowadays. Mask, sanitizer and electrify

  23. Divyansh

    A little overpriced but worth it. Boost immunity and keep you energetic..

  24. Mithlesh

    A convenient immunity booster. Full marks on this innovation. I suggest launching it in lime and other flavours as well.

  25. Divyanshu Saxena

    It’s fun to see the tablets fizzing in water and turning to a healthy drink. Good product.

  26. Supreet Kaur

    This is a very nice product and it taste like fruit juice. Very tasty and effective immunity booster.

  27. Advik Saxena

    This pandemic made me realize the importance of immunity and this product is the easiest option I found to boost my immunity. Ordered 3 tubes already.

  28. SUNITA

    I like the freshness and energy it gives me. It’s good to show everyone around that I am having vitamin water.

  29. Surbhi Gupta

    Love these fizz tabs. Just put one in a glass of water in the morning and you are ready for the day ahead. Purchasing another pack soon.

  30. Dinesh Pandit

    Its taste is wow, taste like orange fruit juice.

  31. Supriya Niranjan

    This product really works. I ordered two of its packs and it has reduced my frequency to catch cold.

  32. Deepti Yadav

    Very easy to use. Purify blood and makes skin glow and clear. Also, it is a wonderful immunity booster.

  33. Pratiksha Pandey

    Good product. I felt noticeable changes in my health. Smooth and easy to digest.

  34. Moni Roy

    The product is extremely useful during coronavirus pandemic and for health, vitamin c tablet are very good for health and it has no side effects as I have bought it for my body health and it is very good and reliable product.

  35. Rupa Singh

    The product is extremely useful during coronavirus pandemic and for health, vitamin c tablet are very good for health and it has no side effects as I have bought it for my body health and it is very good and reliable product.

  36. Sushmita

    It’s delicious and bubbly. Much like an orange drink but really good for health. Gives a nice vitamin C boost.

  37. Nikita Jain

    I started taking Vitamin C capsules but I couldn’t be regular at it. Used to skip them a lot. Came across Nirvasa fizz tablets. This product is rocking. Turns into a delicious vitamin C drink which doesn’t bother my stomach.

  38. Pranjul Sharma

    After using this I can already feel my skin looking glowing and healthy. These pills make immunity strong and provides protection from infections and diseases.

  39. Heer Singh

    Travel-friendly packaging, health friendly results.

  40. Ankita Sharma

    Nirvasa vitamin C tablets deserve 5 stars. Very effective product for immunity.

  41. Sidhant Yadav

    I have been using this supplement for over 10 days now and already feeling the difference. My skin is dazzling.

  42. Gurwinder Singh

    Awesome results and value for money product.

  43. Arpita Mishra

    These orange flavoured tablets are so refreshing, loved its taste.

  44. Mona Singh

    Boosting immunity during corona time is very imp. These vitamin C and zinc capsules are effective and useful in keeping you safe.

  45. Radhika

    I took it for skin and acne marks but it is highly good for immunity. Nice product to use during this pandemic.

  46. Himani

    My daily dose of Vitamin C. I keep it in my bag and take it once I reach office. Keeps me active.

  47. Mamta Kulkarni

    Its taste is wow,,,tastes like orange fruit juice.

  48. Mansi Gupta

    These vitamin C capsules comes enriched with zinc for complete immunity boosting results.

  49. Sunil Porwal

    I started taking Vitamin C capsules but I couldn’t be regular at it. Used to skip them a lot.

  50. Priya Rana

    This product boosts my immunity but is also good for skin.

  51. Arohi Saxena

    Superb results and great taste.

  52. Payal Tiwari

    Nice product! Easy to take, tastes good and keeps me healthy.

  53. Jalvir Singh

    Its fun to watch these tablets dissolving. Awesome taste.

  54. Shivani Jain

    Very useful product for immunity, skin, and hair.

  55. Sahid Khan

    The flavour is really good and product is worth the money.

  56. Mansi Gupta

    My skin is just glowing after continuous use of this product.

  57. Akshika Tiwari

    I take it after breakfast every day. Haven’t been caught by any allergy or infection since I started consuming. Going to reorder.

  58. Neha Mishra

    Effective immunity booster. Nice way to stay safe.

  59. Virat Singh

    Good quality, no bad taste.

  60. Nitin Gujjar

    This product has really helped improve my immune system. Tastes so great that I use it as a drink.

  61. Kishore Awasthi

    Mind blowing product….go for it guys.

  62. Rohit Kapoor

    This product is effective. I can feel the difference in energy and improvement in immunity. Recommended for all.