Nirvasa Vitamin D3+K2 (500mg) – 60 Capsules

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Nirvasa brings to you Vitamin D3+K2 capsules – the perfect pair to improve bone and heart health. While vitamin D3 aids calcium absorption into blood, vitamin K2 activates a number of proteins in the body, which direct calcium into bones.

  • Regulates calcium deposition
  • Helps in calcification of bones & teeth
  • Prevents accumulation of calcium in blood vessels and kidneys
  • Improves bone density
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  • Stronger Bones
    Vitamin D3 helps calcium and phosphorus absorption in the body, aids bone mineralization, and makes bones stronger.
  • Immune Support
    Deficiency of vitamin D is linked with increased vulnerability to infections. Supplementing with vitamin D helps boosting your immunity levels.
  • Lower Risk of Bone Fractures
    Supplementing with the perfect pair of vitamins D3 & K2 helps retain natural strength of bones, helping them deal with daily wear & tear.
  • Heart Health
    Vitamin K2 regulates calcium deposition in the blood. So, it prevents the accumulation of calcium in blood vessels, thus reducing blockages & arterial inflammation.
  • Teeth Calcification
    The primary function of vitamin K2 is to direct calcium at the right places. It activates a number of proteins in the body that direct calcium into teeth, thus making them stronger.
  • Makes you Feel Happier
    Our vitamin D3 supplement helps in the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, which makes a significant contribution to keep your cheerful.

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FSSAI Certified

Sugar Free


GMP Certified

Gluten Free

The Perfect Pair Difference

Choose a scientifically proven synergistic mechanism for stronger bones & better heart health


How to Use

Take one capsule

Take one capsule

30 min after meals

30 min after meals

With a glass of lukewarm water

With a glass of lukewarm water

Twice a day

Twice a day

Increased Calcium into Bones:
Increased Calcium into Bones:

Studies have revealed that in order to improve your bone density it is better to supplement it with Vitamin D capsules than supplementing it with Calcium. Taking vitamin D3+K2 capsules ensures that calcium is absorbed into blood and integrates into bones.

Reduced Arterial Inflammation:
Reduced Arterial Inflammation:

Vitamin K2 activates MGP (Matrix GLA Protein) which inhibits calcium deposits in arteries and soft tissues. This reduces the risk of blockages and results in cleaner arteries.

Lesser Fracture Risk:
Lesser Fracture Risk:

When the synergistic action of vitamin D3 + K2 works, the calcium deposits from food are efficiently deposited towards bones. Their regular supplementation tends to improve Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and lessens the risk of fracture.

Who is it Good For?


Older Adults & Women
Older Adults & Women

Low BMD is common among older adults & postmenopausal women. They need vitamin D3+K2 supplementation every day.


Sportspersons are at a higher risk of injuries & fractures. Daily dose of vitamin D3 + K2 capsules is critical to keep their bone health optimal.


Teenagers are at a greater need for balanced calcium absorption. D3+K2 supplementation is of extreme help. However, to establish optimal dosage, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Curious to Know More?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vitamin k2 with d3 used for?

    When consumed together, vitamins D3 and K2 help improve heart health and strengthen the bones. Vitamin D3 enhances the calcium extraction capacity to maintain a healthy calcium level in blood. K2 restricts calcium to bones and keeps it away from soft tissues.

  • Should you take vitamin k2 with d3?

    Yes. Taking vitamin K2 with D3 is a healthy choice. That’s because when D3 allows for the extraction of more calcium from the digestive tract, it could enter soft tissues and cause problems. Here, K2 prevents calcium from entering the heart, kidneys, and joints.

  • What is the best time to take vitamin d3 capsules?

    Vitamin D3 capsules are best taken during the morning as studies suggest this vitamin causes sleep interferences. However, it is recommended to consume these capsules after a meal, or you can also consume them with food. Dosage may vary due to medical conditions.

  • What does vitamin d3 do?

    When consumed, vitamin d3 travels throughout the body as a hormone in the bloodstream. It aids the absorption of phosphorous and calcium, leading to stronger bones and teeth. D3 also stimulates the pancreas for insulin control and helps reduce BP levels.

  • How much vitamin d3 should I take in a day?

    Generally, consumption of 10-20 micrograms (or 400-800 IU) is recommended daily. A dosage as high as 4000 IU (or 100 micrograms) may be required in some cases. Thus, you should consult a doctor to know the exact intake of vitamin d3 for your body.


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1012 reviews for Nirvasa Vitamin D3+K2 (500mg) – 60 Capsules

  1. Himani

    I had ankle sprain and was advised to supplement with Vitamin D. Glad that I found these capsules and the pain is fully recovered.

  2. Kirti Sharma

    I have been consuming this product for the last 2 weeks and can safely advocate its consumption. It’s really effective.

  3. Jasvir

    I used to feel uncomfortable about regular walking or even after a morning walk. I added these D3 capsules to my diet. All the discomfort is gone.

  4. Mahavir Saxena

    I stay at 5th floor of a building and sometimes the lift doesn’t work. Walking upstairs used to be a daunting struggle. I added these capsules to my diet. It feels much better and I can easily take the stairs.

  5. Suhana Khan

    Regular joint pain revealed my vitamin D deficiency. So, that brought me to these capsules. Happy with its purchase.

  6. Rashmi Pandey

    I usually stay indoors at home and in office. So, the reduced exposure to sunlight resulted in vitamin D deficiency. Regular intake of these capsules has been beneficial.

  7. Sameera Bano

    My mother was diagnosed with low bone density. These capsules are a perfect dietary supplement to improve her bone health. Thank you Nirvasa.

  8. Dolly Rajput

    I was going through joint pain in knees and hands. It’s been 30 days that I am taking these capsules and it feels much better.

  9. Anjali Sharma

    After I turned 32, I started hearing cracking and popping sounds as I walked upstairs or did any physical activity. Looks like these D3+K2 capsules from Nirvasa had exactly what my body got deficient of. Good product!

  10. Mohan singh

    It’s a great product for bone and teeth health. Very few companies have these vitamins combined D3 & K2. Nirvasa has brought a great product. Thank you!

  11. Shivang Khare

    Normal vitamin D level is 30-100 and mine was 23. So, supplementation was necessary. I’ve been taking these capsules regularly for around 5 weeks and my vitamin D level is restored to 55. Highly recommended!

  12. Kratika Sengar

    If you are trying to improve your vitamin D levels, pick up these capsules. Can say it through my personal experience. My Vitamin D levels have risen from 22 to 46 in four weeks.