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You cannot just negotiate on a few skin care rituals; for example, cleansing, exfoliation, sun protection, and moisturization. However, the new entrant to these rituals is under eye protection. With regular exposure to blue light coming out of gadgets, little can we do about damage being caused to the most fragile skin section on our face – the under eye area. Several beauty experts have revealed that the skin around your eyelids is the thinnest and since it is constantly active, it is the first to show the signs of aging. So, just like it is difficult to negotiate with skin care rituals, similarly your baseline skin care routine can’t do without a few products; a natural face wash and an under eye cream. While we are soon going to have a bunch of skin care products tailored for unique skin care needs, let’s discuss about the utility of our haldi chandan face wash and under eye cream.

Haldi Chandan Face Wash

Haldi Chandan Face Wash

  • Gentle face wash – an ayurvedic face wash made using herbal extracts for dual action- deep cleansing and skin rejuvenation.
  • Fortified with haldi and sandalwood extracts for the ultimate skin cleansing experience.
  • Moisturizing agents such as aloe vera prevents dry skin, which makes it suitable for use even in winters.
  • A soap-free formula that retains the skin’s pH and natural oils for clean and radiant skin.

Skin Brightening Face Wash for Natural & Glowing Skin

Nirvasa’s deep cleansing face wash comes enriched with the goodness of Haldi (Turmeric) and Chandan (Sandal) for clear and healthy skin. While a lot of skincare products and rituals promise to make skin brighter, smoother, and supple; keeping the face clean and free from dust, grime, and impurities is one of the best ways to ensure the health and charm of your skin. But, the hard fact – when the delicate facial skin is cleansed with water and soap frequently, alongside lifting the impurities, it rips off the skin’s natural moisture, thus leaving it dry and stretchy. 

Our soap-free Haldi Chandan Face Wash is made using natural ingredients for deep cleansing of the skin to lift impurities from the pores without disrupting the skin’s natural pH and oil balance. So, let’s understand the key benefits of Nirvasa Haldi Chandan Face Wash:

  • Cleansing

The skin cleansing agents in this gentle facial wash opens the pores in the skin and lifts dust, grime, and locked-in impurities. Besides, it removes excess oil from the skin’s surface without ripping off its moisture to unveil clear and refreshed skin. 

  • Exfoliation

Sandalwood and turmeric extracts in this herbal formulation make a wonderful exfoliator that sweeps away all the icky stuff such as a layer of debris and dead cells, helping to reveal a fresh layer of skin underneath. 

  • Breakout Prevention

Haldi and neem in this ayurvedic face wash contain antimicrobial agents that fight against acne-causing microbes on the skin and promote clear, flawless, and smooth skin. So, if you’re the one who often deals with acne and breakouts on the face, add this face wash to your skincare routine to discover smooth and glowing skin. 

  • Tan Removal

A pool party with your pals or a day out on a sunny day can make you return with tanned skin. Natural skin lighteners such as chandan and aloe vera in this face wash for men and women fade away that nasty tan upon regular use. 

  • Soothes the Skin

Dry skin is a common issue faced by people, especially during the winter months. Aloe vera, chandan, and glycerine in this face wash are best known for their hydrating nature and help restore moisture and make skin dewy and healthy. This nature-infused face wash is highly effective in relieving flaky and dry skin. 

  • For all Skin Types

Whether you have dry, normal, or oily skin type, this herbal face wash is best suited. Also, it can be used by both men and women. 

Why Do I Need an Under-eye Cream?

Since eyes play a vital role in defining the charm of your overall appearance, the skin around them requires special attention and care. Nasty dark circles, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and puffiness around the eyes can make you look older than you are. Also, these problems not only ruin your outer appearance but can take a toll on your self-confidence as well. Rejuvenating agents in our ayurvedic anti-dark circle cream not only helps stave off panda eyes but repair cellular damage and promote youthful under-eyes. Let’s take a look at its key benefits:

  • Lightens dark circles
  • Prevents fine lines & wrinkles
  • Repairs cellular damage
  • Moisturizes the under-eye skin
  • Soothes eyes
  • Relieves fatigue

What Makes Nirvasa Under-eye Cream the Right Choice?

You must understand that the skin beneath your eye is extremely delicate and require gentle pampering and care. Therefore, you must always look for herbal eye creams to protect your under-eyes from the perils of chemical-laden products. Nirvasa under-eye cream is all-natural and is free from harmful chemicals, which makes it the right choice for regular use.

Shop for Nirvasa Skin Care Online

When it comes to buying skincare products, most buyers either rush to their nearest cosmetic store or order them online. If you’re the one who likes to take the online route, you can shop our natural face wash and under eye cream at the best price here. 


  1. What skin care products actually work?

If you are looking out for skincare products that really work, look for products with natural ingredients or botanical extracts. Natural products take long to show results but are beneficial for long run.

  1. Are Ayurvedic face washes effective?

Yes. Ayurvedic face washes are quite effective. Ayurveda holds a treasure trove of secrets to heal our skin and make it healthy. So, using a face wash that’s Ayurvedic or carries Ayurvedic ingredients can be an absolute win-win.

  1. Why face cleansing is important?

Face cleansing is a fundamental step to keep your facial skin healthy. It not only removes dirt, impurities and pollution but also rids your skin of dead skin to leave your face looking fresh and glowing. Face cleansing if not followed regularly can lead to breakouts and aging.

  1. What deficiency causes dark circles?

Generally, it’s the deficiency of iron that causes dark circles. However, poor lifestyle habits like oversleeping, sleeping less, excessive use of gadgets, harmful rays of sun, and more have also become prominent reasons for the same.

  1. What causes wrinkled skin on face?

Wrinkled skin on face is a result of aging, exposure to pollution & sun, dehydration, smoking and more. With age, your body produces lesser collagen, which also causes wrinkled skin on the face. A healthy diet supported by regular use of natural skincare products can be a good solution for it.

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