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Some Common Mistakes To Avoid On A Ketogenic Diet

Dropping a size is always difficult than gaining a few extra pounds, and most fitness enthusiasts often look at the ketogenic diet as one of the best tools to whittle down extra body fat naturally. However, adjusting to the new eating plan can be difficult, especially the ketogenic diet. Also, most people expect better results to appear as soon as they switch to a low-carb diet; however, it’s not always the case. Nutrition experts reveal that while starting the keto diet, a majority of people make common mistakes that slow down the impact of this eating plan and deliver them with no or little results. Today, we will be exploring the list of common mistakes to avoid while starting the ketogenic diet.

1. Going too high on protein-

The ketogenic diet is an eating plan that consists of fewer carbs, moderate proteins, and high fats. It is not uncommon to see a lot of people filling their plates with high-protein foods, considering that higher proteins can elevate the effects of a keto diet. However, it is not true. It takes time for your body to adjust to start using fats as the primary fuel, rather than glucose. When enough glucose is not readily available in your body, it converts excess proteins into glucose by a natural process called gluconeogenesis. An excess intake of protein can make it harder for your body to enter the state of ketosis or can stop the process altogether.

2. Not guzzling water-

Staying well-hydrated defines the success of any diet routine. While starting the keto diet, most people pay a lot of attention to what they are eating and often miss out drinking enough water. You must know that during ketosis, your body cells expel extra water, which, in turn, can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance as well. Apart from that, your body stores carbohydrates and water altogether for proper functioning. In the metabolic state of ketosis, the carbohydrates are depleted rapidly, which in turn, causes water loss at a higher rate. Besides, your kidneys consistently work to flush out ketones and sodium from the body, which causes water loss.

Nutrition experts suggest guzzling plenty of water throughout the day to replenish your electrolyte levels and reaching weight loss goals as well. So, drink up!

keto weight loss capsules

3. No meal planning-

Meal planning makes a super-essential aspect of the keto diet regime. No meal planning in one of the biggest mistakes most people make on a keto diet. It is found that people who don’t plan their diet often make a few changes in their eating plan that not only hampers the effectiveness of the plan but can knock them out of ketosis as well. Therefore, you must not forget to make a meal plan in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

 4. Not gearing up for keto flu-

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body shifts itself from a carb-burning mode to fat-burning mode. In this process of metabolic transition, you are likely to experience flu-like symptoms, called keto flu. It is a common side effect of the keto diet and is characterized by symptoms such as muscle cramps, nausea, aches, and fatigue. These discomforting symptoms generally fade away in a few days and the person may start feeling better as soon as these symptoms disappear. If you are not aware of these symptoms, you may think that something is awfully wrong with your eating plan and you may shun your keto diet completely.

Also, not everyone on a ketogenic diet experience such discomfort. Besides, nutrition experts suggest taking an adequate amount of sodium, magnesium, and potassium can ease all these symptoms. Additionally, drinking more water throughout the day keeps you more alert and focused.

5. Not salting your food-

Nowadays, many of us munch on processed food items now and then. It is no surprise that these edibles come loaded with a high amount of sodium, and nutritionists may suggest you cutting on sodium intake. However, it’s not true for keto. As per clinical researches, it is found that many dieters avoid adding extra salt to their ketogenic diet, which forms another big mistake. During ketosis, your body loses more sodium and ketones, which can result in electrolyte imbalance. Therefore, it is crucial to add more salt to your low-carb diet.

6. Not eating enough fats-

The keto diet intends to direct your body to use fats as the primary fuel source instead of carbohydrates. When this happens, your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis. To retain your body into this natural state, you are required to eat plenty of healthy fats. Although the ketogenic diet itself is a high-fat, low-carb diet, the foods you are including in your meal plan may not have enough fats. Apart from that, you may be overly conscious of your health and maybe cutting some amount of fats from your meals, which, in turn, can ruin the nutritional value of the diet and may bring your body out from ketosis. The nutritional ratio can vary from person to person. Generally, a keto diet must contain 60-75 % fats, 15-30% proteins, and 5-10% carbohydrates.

7. Binging on trans fats-

While fitness experts suggest eating enough amounts of healthy fats during ketosis, most people often end up consuming saturated or trans-fat instead. These trans fats can do more harm to your body than good. Therefore, it is important for you to pick foods that come power-packed with healthy foods as compared to trans fats to reap the best benefits. These are a few common mistakes that most fitness freaks make while adopting the ketogenic diet routine as a desperate attempt to get a well-chiseled physique. If you are one of those who is planning to go on a keto diet soon, avoiding these mistakes can help you reach your fitness goals fast. We hope you like this information. Go slim!

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