Ashwagandha capsules for men

Why Every Man Should Use Ashwagandha Capsules?

Amid a time when the world has not yet recovered from the pandemic and new infections creeping in every now and then, nothing is more important than strengthening your immunity. Your immune system does a remarkable job when it comes to protecting the body against a variety of infections, allergies, and diseases. However, when your body’s natural defences are weak, a foreign microbe may invade the body and make you sick. While it sounds like a no-brainer, strengthening your immune system may be harder than you think. Fortunately, certain herbs such as Ashwagandha can come to your rescue as you try to enhance your body’s natural defences. Let’s understand!

About Ashwagandha-

Ashwagandha, also called Winter Cherry or Cape Gooseberry is a perennial bush from the nightshade family of the plant kingdom. The plant has a mild fragrance like that of the horses, thus justifying its name. Besides, the herb is revered in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties and folk communities have used it for managing an array of health problems for centuries. Let’s take a look at some of its noticeable health benefits. 

For Immunity

We all know that getting enough vitamin C through diet and supplements makes a great way to bolster immunity. Ashwagandha makes a rich source of vitamin C along with other nutrients and its regular consumption can help you maintain optimal immunity. Besides, polyphenols and antioxidants in the herb not only protect body cells from free radicals and oxidative stress but also  rejuvenate them, thus ensuring optimal immunity.

For Sexual Wellness

Ashwagandha is revered in the Indian medicinal system as a powerful Viagra and its benefits for sexual health are quite popular. Most naturopaths indeed suggest taking Ashwagandha to all men and women suffering from sexual problems such as low libido & sperm count, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, premenopausal syndrome, infertility, etc. Besides, the key compounds in winter cherry condition the reproductive system, rejuvenate body cells, and energize your body for better libido and performance to win over your partner’s satisfaction. 

For Anxiety and Stress

Apart from its benefits for immune and sexual health, Ashwagandha is known for its mind-calming properties. Several pieces of evidence conclude that Ashwagandha can lower symptoms in people with stress and anxiety upon its regular consumption. If you experience stress every day, taking Ashwagandha capsules or getting a relaxing massage with oils infused with Ashwagandha can help alleviate stress and soothe the mind. 

For Inflammatory Response-

Inflammation is an inevitable part of the body’s natural healing process and is characterized by redness, swelling, and heat at the site of infection or injury. Though, a little inflammation is beneficial, too much or chronic inflammation can lead to health complications. Pure Ashwagandha comes packed with anti-inflammatory agents that diligently work to reduce inflammation for overall wellness. 

For Youthful Skin

Ashwagandha root comes fortified with anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties that prevent acne and breakouts on the skin. Besides, antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals in organic Ashwagandha extract repair damage, rejuvenate the skin cells and defy premature aging. 

These are a few impressive ways Ashwagandha can improve human health. Whether you are looking for a natural immunity booster, sex tonic, or a supplement for general health, Ashwagandha makes them all. So, include this wonder herb in your fitness regimes and embark on a fitness journey. To find out the best Ashwagandha supplement online, do check Nirvasa Ashwagandha Capsules at the best price here. 

Ashwagandha capsules

Why you Must Use Ashwagandha for Immunity?

Do you often catch cough and cold with mild seasonal change while others in the family sail through the weather unscathed? Maybe you need to think of strengthening your body’s natural defences. Nowadays, you may find a range of immunity boosters available in the market and picking up the right one for yourself can be a challenge. To ease out such confusion, we decided to unveil the immune-boosting benefits of Ashwagandha. Let’s take a look!

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha also known as ‘winter cherry’ is a perennial herb revered in Ayurveda for its rejuvenating and restorative properties. The Sanskrit word ‘Ashwagandha’ translates to the smell of a horse is often looked upon as an agent to enhance immunity and overall health. Besides, this herb makes a natural adaptogen and is highly helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.

Ashwagandha for Immunity

Ashwagandha, botanically known as Withania somnifera is rich inpolyphenols, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and minerals that have a profound impact on the human immune system. These valuable constituents enhance cell-mediated immunity in the body and help ward off seasonal flu, infections, and allergies. Besides, polyphenols in the herbal extract protect body cells and tissues from oxidative stress and lower your chances of getting sick.

How is Ashwagandha Used for Optimal Immunity?

Ashwagandha shares a versatile use and its leaves, roots, flowers, and fruits can be used for the best health benefits. At present, many nutraceutical companies come up with ashwagandha extract in the form of a capsule supplement for easy and convenient use. 

Other Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Though Ashwagandha has gained tremendous popularity as an ayurvedic immunity booster, it hosts a multitude of health benefits. Here are a few impressive ones:

  • Relaxes Mind: Winter cherry or Indian ginseng is a natural adaptogen that is used to manage the symptoms of anxiety and stress. This herb lowers cortisol production in the body, improves blood circulation, and calms the mind. 
  • Treats Sleep Disorders: Ashwagandha is highly beneficial for people suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia. The sleep-inducing effect of Ashwagandha is linked with trimethylene glycol in its leaves. 
  • Boosts Testosterone: Ancient Indian texts about sexuality tout Ashwagandha as a powerful ignitor. Thanks to its testosterone-boosting potential and natural compounds that help relieve erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, infertility, and low libido (in both men and women). 
  • Enhance Athletic Endurance: Since ashwagandha makes an organic testosterone booster, it is highly helpful for bodybuilders and sportspersons. Powerful compounds in this ayurvedic medicine enhance energy levels and help achieve an aesthetic build quickly. 
  • Boosts Cognition: Famous for its immune and fertility-boosting properties, Ashwagandha makes a super herb for improving cognition as well. Key compounds in the herb have a profound impact on brainpower and people experience a boost in memory and learning abilities upon its regular consumption. Also, Ashwagandha makes a great remedy for preventing age-related mental decline and psychotic disorders in the elderly.

These are a few ways Ashwagandha can improve your overall health. The supplement not only strengthens your immune system but also uplifts your overall health.