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Unveiling The Best Ways Multivitamins Can Help You Go Healthy

Nowadays, the demand for multivitamin supplements has spiked in the market. There are ample reasons behind it, but the most obvious one is- when we do not eat enough fruits, vegetables or a balanced diet, it leads to nutritional deficiencies. In such cases, our bodies do not work properly. We all know that our bodies require a variety of vitamins and minerals to bring metabolism in rhythm and eating nutrient-rich foods is the best way to maintain vitamin profile. Unfortunately, not everyone gets enough time to pay attention to their diet due to busy schedules and helter-skelter of life. Besides, with growing age, your body tends to lose its ability to absorb proper nutrition from the food you eat. In such cases, multivitamin supplements help replenish your body with essential micro and macronutrients. Nirvasa multivitamin capsules are one of the trusted health supplements available in the market today. Here, we will be reviewing the best benefits of Nirvasa multivitamins for men and women.

About Nirvasa Multivitamins-

Nirvasa multivitamin supplement forms a unique blend of 25 essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your body needs to keep bones, joints, immune system, heart, hair, and skin healthy. Also, the multis for men and women are formulated by the industry experts keeping in mind the specifications and physiological requirements of both men and women.

Best health benefits of multivitamin capsules-

Although eating right or ensuring a well-balanced and varied diet is the best tool to ward off nutritional deficiencies; studies claim that even people with bountiful eating items may suffer from poor nutrition. You must know that during old age, your gut loses its ability to absorb nutrients from the food you eat, and this often leads to poor nutrition. In such cases, ayurvedic multivitamin tablets come to your rescue like a pro.

Boost immunity- Your body needs a robust immune system to cancel out the action of allergens, pathogens, or any harmful foreign particle trying to invade your body. Not all of us are blessed to have a strengthened immune system and rather need external aids to bolster it. Multivitamin tablets come fortified with polyphenols, antioxidants, and micronutrients such as vitamin C, E, and bioflavonoids derived from organic fruits and vegetables. These bioactive compounds diligently work to boost the production of RBCs, WBCs, neutrophils, and many others that make a part of your immune system and direct it to diligently safeguard your body against a variety of factors and maladies.

Enhance energy levels- Amid today’s cut-thoat competition, most men and women find it challenging to sustain strength and energy all day long. It is because when your body doesn’t have plenty of vitamins, it works harder to carry out metabolic activities, which, in turn, leads to excessive fatigue and exertion. In contrast, multivitamin pills make a convenient alternative to fortify your body with essential micronutrients that rejuvenate cells and tissues deeply. Also, these supplements provide your body cells with  much-needed strength to deal with daily wear and tear. Additionally, bioactive compounds in ayurvedic medicines such as best multivitamin supplements improve blood circulation and maintain electrolyte balance.

Strengthen bones & teeth- Stronger bones and muscles are something we all wish to have for a lifetime. But, as we grow older, the bone mineral density gets depleted over time, which, in turn, causes great deal of discomfort. Also, free radicals in the body make other contributors to muscle aging and associated maladies. Multivitamin capsules for women contain an appreciable amount of vitamin D and calcium that ensures perfect bone mineral density and reduces the risk of bone fracture, teeth-related maladies, and osteoporosis. Besides, other valuable constituents such as folic acid in this organic remedy help new moms to cope up with the pressure on the spine during pregnancy and relieve muscle stiffness for pain-free living.

Heart health- Heart problems are not uncommon and form one of the leading causes of most deaths across the globe. Although cardiovascular problems are more common in older adults, nowadays, even young men and women are also affected by such issues. All thanks to stressful lives and unhealthy lifestyles. These natural and herbal multivitamin tablets for men contain a high concentration of antioxidants and wonderful anti-inflammatory agents such as Vitamin C, E, K, Niacin, and citrus bioflavonoids that fight against inflammation in the arteries and prevent blockages by balancing cholesterol levels. Apart from that, these capsules lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular ailments.

How to use multivitamins capsules?

For best results, take 1 capsule per day after a meal with a glass of lukewarm water or as directed by a physician.


Top Vitamins And Minerals That Can Help Boost Your Athletic Performance

Have you ever indulged in any sports activity recently? If so, you may have noticed that your muscles are not as strong as they were when you ran a relay race in high school. Well, that’s true that your body loses its ability to deal with physical pressure and sprain with growing age. The causes for such problems may be many; nutritional deficiencies being the most common ones in the league. Our bodies require a variety of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals to regulate important functions such as metabolic processes, oxygen intake, and wound healing. Undoubtedly, athletes and sportspersons are more likely to suffer injuries, sprain, and tissue damage, and for this reason; they have specific requirements when it comes to fulfilling nutritional gaps. In such conditions, multivitamin supplements come to their rescue like a true friend; however, most athletes need to be extra careful while choosing a multivitamin supplement for them. Here, we’re with a list of vitamins and minerals that makes a wonderful tool to boost athletic endurance. Let’s begin!

1. Calcium

Calcium holds immense importance for athletes due to some obvious reasons. As a sportsperson, you’re more likely to experience muscle and bone injuries frequently. Some studies revealed that athletes who drink a cup of skim milk every day are found to have lower chances of stress fracture by 62 percent as compared to people who don’t fulfill their daily calcium requirement. Also, it is often the best to pick a pack of multivitamin capsules that contain a recommended dose of vitamin D as well for better absorption of calcium in the body.

2. Vitamin B-

As an athlete, your body requires a generous amount of vitamin B in several forms such as B6, B12, thiamin, folate, and riboflavin every day for all good reasons. It is because; these water-soluble vitamins get expelled from your body through urine and need to be replaced every day through the food you eat or multivitamin supplements. These micronutrients play a crucial role in the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins into energy, which you need to uplift your physical stamina.

3. Iron-

Most fitness trainers reveal that athletes who practice for more than 6 hours a day are at a greater risk of depleting their iron stores as compared to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Iron is a valuable constituent that carries a rich supply of oxygen-rich blood to other body cells. You must note that iron deficiency can make you lethargic and can result in poor athletic endurance. Also, it is interesting to note that women lose more iron every month during menstruation and require more iron intake than men. It may be one of the reasons, why most doctors prescribe taking an additional dose of iron supplements to women.

4. Magnesium-

Well, this amazing ingredient in the list of essential nutrients helps in the regulation of over 300 enzymes that are crucial for energy production and bone marrow formation. Moreover, sportspersons require a rich amount of magnesium for muscle contractions and production of red blood cells.

5. Vitamin C-

Do you often find yourself sneezing, coughing or experience shortness of breath during workouts? It may be an indication that you are running low on vitamin C. Well, its time to remember a few biology lessons from the high school syllabus. Vitamin C is known for its immune-boosting characteristics and plays a vital role in protecting your body against allergies, infections, and airborne microbes.

These are the top 5 vitamins and minerals that every sportsperson must include in his fitness regime to stay fit, active and focus. So, next time you step out to buy best multivitamin capsules online in India that aims at boosting your athletic endurance, don’t forget to check the labels for these ingredients before making a purchase.