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The Substance behind Rising Popularity of Plant Based Protein

How do you perceive protein? Do you think it’s only a part of nutrition that helps you build muscles? Well, that’s correct but only partially. Protein performs a thousand other processes besides building muscles. For your understanding, common things protein helps your body with are strengthening bones, boosting your immune system, regulating the body with enzymes and hormones, and so much more. But is animal protein the only or the best source of protein? No! If you ever come across plant protein benefits for your body and the planet otherwise, you would probably not get back to animal protein.

Health experts suggest that our body needs 0.8 grams of protein per day per kg of our weight. This means if your weight is 70 kg, you require 56 grams of protein every day. Also, on an average, we get the required amount of protein from our diet. However, when we are focused on building muscles and especially hit the gym for that extra punch, it is then that our body’s protein requirements rise. That is when we must consider supplementing with protein powder.

But here’s another interesting question – are our protein sources good enough? Most of us should not worry about getting the required amount of protein. However, what we must worry about is other kinds of fat, carbs, sodium, fiber, and other nutrients that we are taking when focused on protein rich foods. There are certain meat products which are undoubtedly high on protein but also high on sodium and saturated fats, which eventually become a cause of high cholesterol and cardiovascular problems. So, what should we do? This is why we need to rethink about our protein sources. And plant protein powder and other sources of plant-based protein have revolutionized the way we think about adding protein in our diets. Now, let’s understand how plant protein benefits our health:

  • Easy to Digest: Plant protein is easy to digest as compared to animal based protein. This keeps our gut health in good shape and improves overall functioning of the body.
  • Low on Cholesterol: Plant based protein is low on cholesterol and therefore poses a lower risk of cardiovascular issues. For example, a quarter of chicken can contain 30 grams of protein. However, it also comes with 120 mg of cholesterol. On the other hand, a cupful of cooked lentils can contain 18 grams of protein but absolutely no cholesterol and added benefits of fiber and iron.
  • Plant-based Diets Reduce the Risk of Ailments: There is a lot of scientific evidence that says people who switch to plant protein are less likely to be entrapped with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and more. However, it is also true that focusing on only one type of plant-based protein source cannot fulfill your entire protein requirement for muscle building. You need to combine various plant protein sources to get the appropriate amount.

In conclusion, for long-term health benefits and lesser risk of developing ailments, you can switch to plant-based protein. And once you have hit the gym, make sure you supplement with plant protein powder that combines multiple plant-based sources. Nirvasa Plant protein powder for instance is made by combining various plant sources and is a source of multiple nutrients and micronutrients to not only support your muscle building goals but also support your overall protein requirement when you have its deficiency.


June 22, 2021

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