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Top 3 Ways Biotin Can Benefit Your Health

While perusing the shelves of a pharmacy store, I came across a supplement whose label read as Biotin for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Each day, these beauty assets in our body come in contact with dust, grime, pollutants, and irritants that not only strip of the essential component out of them, but can leave them dull and lifeless. In such cases, you may want to discover the best remedy that can help improve the health and texture of your hair, nails and skin. This is where Biotin capsules come into the picture. Today, we are here to explore how this ayurvedic medicine can help improve the overall health of your nails, hair, and skin naturally and healthily. Let’s start!

What is Biotin?

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H is a water-soluble vitamin that comes from the family of B-vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins are the essential micronutrients that get dissolved in the water in the body and are excreted by the kidneys. For this reason, our bodies need this vital constituent every day to keep working at their best. We get most biotin through the food we eat; however, many people take it a mild amount of this nutrient in capsule form to support a healthy life. Biotin plays a vital role in carrying out numerous important functions including fat metabolism and energy production. Apart from bringing the metabolic processes in rhythm, this natural component helps restore the overall health of your nails, hair, and skin in the following ways.


Impressive health benefits of Biotin capsules-

Here is a list of the most amazing benefits of using biotin capsules every day.

1. Strengthen nails-

Many of us have thin, peeling, and brittle nails that often break even while doing normal activities like typing on a keyboard or doing the dishes. Brittle nails are not only unsightly but can cause a great deal of discomfort as well. Biotin forms the structural component of your nails, and regular use of pure biotin capsules may thicken the cuticle and make the nails stronger. Apart from that, it provides much-needed strength to your nails and prevents them from chipping off or breaking.

2. Promotes youthful skin-

Dull, dry and flaky skin not only ruins your appearance but can take a toll on your self- confidence as well. Some studies claim that a deficiency of Biotin may lead to numerous skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, scaly and itchy skin, dermatitis, and many others. As per the beauty experts, a deficiency of hydrating constituents such as vitamin B vitamins in the body may lead to common skin problems such as acne, patchy skin, and many others. Using pure biotin capsules, in contrast, helps rejuvenate the skin cells from within and may take you one step closer to achieving clear, glowing, and radiant skin. Indeed, many pharmaceutical companies are including biotin into beauty products; however, nutrition experts recommend consuming the supplement directly to achieve optimal benefits.

3. Thick, smooth and silky hairs-

In modern times of dust, pollution, and chemical-treatments, our hairs get accustomed to the damage. In some cases, the extent of damage can be so severe that it can make your hair appear thin and unruly.  Biotin is a natural compound that helps in the synthesis of keratin, an important infrastructural component of the hair strands and helps improve the density of the tresses. Besides, it helps lock in the moisture in the hair and make them thick, strong, and shiny.

How to use Biotin capsules?

To reap the best health benefits of this all-natural supplement, you’re advised to take 1 capsule, twice daily with a glass of lukewarm water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Where can I buy the best biotin capsules in India?

At present, you can find a variety of Biotin supplements in the market. However, not all of them deliver you with the same results as they claim. Also, most of them may come enriched with animal-derived biotin, which makes them unsuitable for people who restrict themselves to plant-based diets. However, certain herbal brands like Nirvasa offer 100% vegetarian, authentic, and safe biotin supplements to their customers.

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