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Why is Ashwagandha the Hero of all the Herbs?

If there is one herb, the origin and usage of which dates back to thousands of years – that is Ashwagandha. The word Ashwagandha is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Ashwa, which means horse and Gandha, which means smell. The herb was roughly thought of providing the power of a horse. Traditionally, Ashwagandha was given as a ‘Rasayana’ to children and elderly in order to support their overall wellbeing. It was also used as a tonic to support memory, vitality, and hormonal function. Today, the herb is mostly available in the form of Ashwagandha Capsules or in powder form. But why is Ashwagandha called the hero of all the herbs? It is because of its innumerable benefits. So, let’s explore Ashwagandha benefits:

  1. Reduces Stress & Anxiety: Ashwagandha capsules are widely used to relieve stress and anxiety. It also helps improving concentration. Stress is primarily caused by the production of a hormone called cortisol. Ashwagandha is known to promote healthy levels of cortisol.
  2. Boosts Testosterone & Increases Men’s Fertility: The intake of Ashwagandha capsules has shown positive effects on boosting testosterone levels and improving reproductive health in men. Ashwagandha increases antioxidant levels in blood and helps in increasing sperm count and motility.
  3. Helps Increasing Muscle Mass & Strength: Ashwagandha helps improving body composition and increases strength. It also helps in reducing body fat and helps improving the strength of those who are engaged in physical workouts.
  4. Supports Joint Health: Ashwagandha improves the body’s inflammatory response and therefore provides good support to joint health. In some studies, Ashwagandha has been known to support occasional joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and discomfort due to normal wear and tear in the body.
  5. Improves the Quality of Sleep: The key to a healthy life is a good night’s sleep. From supporting immunity to improving brain health and other functions of the body, a healthy sleeping pattern is good for overall health. Due to its recuperative properties, Ashwagandha is known to support healthy sleep.
  6. Supports Immunity: Various Ayurvedic studies and practitioners have claimed that Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs to support immune system. In fact, it has been found to increase white blood cells in various animal studies. These claims are reinstated by the fact that ashwagandha is used as an ingredient in various immunity boosting supplements.
  7. Heart Health: Ashwagandha offers antioxidant support to the heart, which helps protecting it from free radicals in the blood. It is also known to support healthy levels of cholesterol and triglyceride, the disruption of which becomes a major cause of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems.

In conclusion, Ashawagandha carries multiple health benefits for men and women. Not only does it help fighting stress and boosting men’s fertility but also helps improving brain function and memory. Therefore, supplementing with Ashwagandha is extremely beneficial. And you can do so by taking Ashwagandha capsules. When looking out for a suitable Ashwagandha supplement, do check out Nirvasa Ashwagandha Capsules. Nirvasa is a young brand driven by a passion to make people healthier and their products are a testimony to naturalness and authenticity. Try this herbal dietary supplement from Nirvasa and experience how Ashwagandha benefits your health.


June 25, 2021

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