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Why Onion is a Great Natural Alternative to Tackle Hair Loss?

If you go by the natural trend and even statistics, it can be easily pointed out that both men and women face hair fall problems once they reach their 40s. As a common thought of actions, most of them turn toward hair treatments which often end up emptying their pockets. However, most people are unaware that hair fall problems can be tackled effectively right from their homes and not from expensive clinics. The use of natural herbs is amongst the most common ways to get good hair growth and improvised hair health, which most people don’t see amidst clinically made products.

Onion is amongst the most widely utilized natural ingredient that has shown proven results in regaining hair growth and improving hair quality too. Apart from applying onion paste shampooing and using its peels for scrubbing the scalp; massaging onion hair oil is a common approach that can be seen gaining popularity these days. With the regular application of onion hair oil, the blood circulation in your scalp increase, this in turn stimulates hair follicles for natural hair production.

Even in ancient times, onion was used to alleviate certain health issues and remedy injuries as well. Its effectiveness in curing hair fall problems lies in its sulphur content. High sulphur content promotes the formation of collagen in the human body, which is a key element in keeping our skin, nails, and hair healthy. That is the reason why sulphur deficient people have weaker nails, skin dryness, and brittle hair. Sulphur also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent hair fall. It is thus advised to massage onion hair oil (for Hair Growth / Regrowth) onto your scalp and allow it to soak for about two hours before rinsing it off. Regular usage also results in the thickening of hair.

For people who are concerned with the foul smell of onion and afraid of using it, natural supplements like onion hair oil can be a great alternative that helps in the re-growth of healthy hair. Nirvasa Onion Hair Oil containing the added benefits of Brahmi, Bhringraj, Mulethi, Kapoor Kachri, Gunia, and Amla is a fantastic option to begin with if you haven’t tried similar products before. Regularly massage a generous amount of the oil on your scalp before going to bed and wash it off the next morning, to see desired results.

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