Treatment Case Study for

Low Sex Drive

Decreased sexual desire can be the reason for one’s heightened levels of anxiety and depression. This happened with a 35-year-old married man with a 75 kg weight and a BMI of 25.1. Due to excessive working hours and extreme stress, he was not able to spend time on his fitness or diet. Lately, he had started feeling low and not active in bed. He didn’t used to feel aroused to that level. He consulted with a professional doctor of Nirvasa about his situation, on the basis of which, he got a sexual wellness treatment plan of 3 months customized according to his psychological condition. Now, after the completion of the plan, he is perfectly able to fulfil his sexual needs as he is sexually active without any external efforts.

Treatment Summary

Patient Profile
35, Male, Married
Low Sex Drive
Duration of Treatment
3 Months
Suggestions by Doctor
Natural supplements, relaxation techniques and daily yoga
Self-Assessment Form
Lifestyle Habits
  • Activity Level: Moderately Active
  • Smoking Habits: Non-smoker
  • Alcohol Consumption: Occasional social drinking
  • Sleep Cycle: 7-8 hours per night
  • Stress Level: High
  • Water Intake: 6-8 glasses per day
  • Caffeine Intake: 2 cups of tea per day
  • Eating Habits: Balanced diet with occasional indulgences
Performance Health
  • Low sexual desire
  • Erection quality is normal
  • Not happy with sexual performance
  • Extremely low confidence during sexual intercourse
  • Does not masturbate due to a lack of interest in any sexual activity
Doctor Consultation
The professional doctor addressed his condition and learned all about his lifestyle habits, along with his medical history of anxiety and depression. Because of excessive stress in the workplace, the patient felt completely exhausted. His desire to involve in sexual activities was decreasing at a greater pace. After the complete evaluation, the doctor advised him to take out some time to practice stress management techniques and modify his diet. Also, he was not only suggested normal supplements but natural ones too for his low sex drive.
Treatment Journey
  • Post consultation and in-depth evaluation of the patient’s self-assessment form, the doctor recommended the necessary dietary and lifestyle modifications.
  • The patient’s treatment plan was customized according to his medical history of anxiety and depression.
  • In the first month, the patient could not see any significant changes in his condition as he could not follow the treatment as prescribed. With the help of his personal wellness coach assigned by Nirvasa, he understood the importance, gained trust and managed to follow the plan as explained.
  • Natural supplements, proper diet, and daily exercise helped the patient to make him feel sexually active. After two months, he started seeing positive results in his sexual desire.
  • The patient even started with relaxation techniques along with practices to manage stress to fight his psychological issues.
  • In the ninth month, the patient reported significant improvements in his overall sexual performance, including his sexual desire, erectile function and even stress levels.

Patient Feedback

I understood the power of supplements and doctor consultations during my journey. I am now sexually active due to which I am able to keep me and my partner satisfied in bed. The interconnection between psychological and physical health is something which I didn’t know but after expert guidance and follow-up consultations, I regained my sexual vitality and met my healthier self.