Treatment Case Study for

Male Fertility

A 40-year-old father with a 71 kg weight and 23.1 BMI had been mentally stressed out because of his sexual performance for the past eight to twelve months. His sperm quality and quantity were extremely low due to which he was worried about his condition. Out of worry, he opted for expert advice from a professional doctor. The doctor evaluated his case and diagnosed infertility. Based on his medical history, lifestyle habits and psychological condition, he suggested a sexual wellness treatment plan for twelve months. Now that he has completed it, he is able to see drastic improvements in his sperm quality and density, and it even helped enhance his overall sexual wellness.

Treatment Summary

Patient Profile
40, Male, Married
Male fertility
Duration of Treatment
12 Months
Suggestions by Doctor
Dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes
Self-Assessment Form
Lifestyle Habits
  • Activity Level: Moderately Active
  • Smoking Habits: Non-smoker
  • Alcohol Consumption: Occasional social drinking
  • Sleep Cycle: 7-8 hours per night
  • Stress Level: Moderate
  • Water Intake: 6-8 glasses per day
  • Caffeine Intake: 1 cup of coffee per day
  • Eating Habits: Balanced diet with occasional indulgences
Performance Health
  • Noticed changes in the amount of ejaculated sperm
  • Erectile function is normal
  • Not completely satisfied with sexual performance
  • Low confidence during sexual activity
  • Rarely masturbates due to a lack of interest in sexual activity
  • Have conceived before with the partner
  • Minimal exposure from smartphones and laptops
Doctor Consultation

The patient looked for a professional guidance and support to address his sexual concerns. The doctor assessed his self-assessment form and closely examined his medical history, diet and lifestyle habits. After in-depth evaluation, the doctor diagnosed male infertility for which the patient got suggested with a twelve month sexual wellness treatment plan. The patient was advised to bring some diet and lifestyle changes to achieve his goal. Also, the doctor prescribed effective supplements and medicines to fight his reproductive health issue.

Treatment Journey
  • The doctor did not find any difficulty in assessing the patient’s profile and self-assessment form as it was quite clear about his sexual health – infertility.
  • Based on the patient’s medical history, diet and lifestyle habits, the doctor curated a well-balanced and effective treatment to improve his fertility.
  • After six months, the patient shared his views on the treatment journey. He diligently followed the plan and he saw significant changes in his health, habits and sperm quality and quantity.
  • Due to the prescribed diet plan, supplements and lifestyle adjustments, the patient reported noticeable improvement in the ninth month in sperm quality, motility and thickness.
  • By the end of twelfth month of the treatment, the patient was able to performance far better during the sexual activities. His erections were harder, his sperm count was higher and he had great chances of becoming a father with his partner.

Patient Feedback

<p style="font-weight: 400">Never knew that I could have the fertility issue and also didn’t know that it can ever be cured. Thanks to Nirvasa and the doctors and wellness coaches who guided me, supported me and made me realise that small adjustments in lifestyle and diet, and taking right supplements can actually improve male infertility.</p>