Treatment Case Study for

Premature Greying with Persistent Dandruff

An unmarried girl of 28 years named Anika was suffering from severe premature greying with persistent dandruff. Due to this, her stress levels were elevated and wasn’t able to keep an active lifestyle as required for regular blood flow. All these concerns were quite enough to consult with an expert. Therefore, she filled out a self-assessment form which got intricately examined by a professional doctor of Nirvasa. On the basis of her medical history, eating habits and lifestyle choices, the doctor personalised a hair care treatment plan which would not only enhance her hair texture but even eliminate dandruff. Now that she has completed the treatment of nine months, her hair texture is revived and she no longer has dandruff.

Treatment Summary

Patient Profile
28, Female, UnMarried
Premature Greying with Persistent Dandruff
Duration of Treatment
9 Months
Suggestions by Doctor
Anti-dandruff shampoo and moderate workouts
Self-Assessment Form
Lifestyle Habits
  • Activity Level: Moderately
  • Active Smoking Habits: Non-smoker
  • Alcohol Consumption: Occasional social drinker
  • Sleep Cycle: 7-8 hours per night
  • Stress Level: Moderate
  • Eating Habits: Balanced diet with occasional indulgence, control portion sizes, limited consumption of sugary beverages
  • Water Intake: 6-7 glasses a day
  • Caffeine Intake: 1 caffeinated drink per day
  • Energy Levels: Occasionally low energy or fatigue
  • Calorie Intake: Maintain a healthy calorie intake
  • Gut Health: Occasional bloating and heartburn
Performance Health
  • Premature greying with scattered grey hair
  • Persistent dandruff with flaking and itching
  • Hair texture is dry and frizzy
  • Normal scalp condition
  • Limited usage of hair styling products
  • Shampoo hair three times a week
Doctor Consultation
Anika addressed her premature hair greying and dandruff concerns to a professional doctor. After a proper evaluation of her case, along with lifestyle habits and diet, the doctor curated a customised hair treatment plan including natural anti-dandruff shampoo and certain supplements for hair quality. To improve her hair quality, texture, and density and remove dandruff, the doctor suggested a few alterations in her diet and lifestyle, such as maintaining a well-balanced diet in terms of nutrition and involving in some sort of workout.
Treatment Journey
  • In the first 3 months of the treatment, Anika started noticing positive results in her hair texture and dandruff. As Anika was following a regular hair care routine and proper diet, she had started feeling healthy and fit too.
  • The doctor prescribed an anti-dandruff shampoo infused with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. He even suggested certain supplements for improvement in hair texture.
  • By the end of the treatment i.e. nine months, Anika could not find any grey hair and even dandruff in her scalp. She was completely satisfied with her hair quality, the reduction in dandruff and itchiness.

Patient Feedback

I have realised that a proper hair care routine is mandatory to maintain healthy and shiny hair and a well-balanced diet plays a vital role in this process. Special thanks to the doctor and my personal wellness coach assigned by Nirvasa to help me, guide me and support me throughout the journey. Now i am more conscious of my hair health and take proper measures to maintain it.