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Vitality and Stamina

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What is Vitality and Stamina?

Sexual dexterity extremely relies on one's stamina and vitality. An individual’s vigour and manliness relate to vitality, on the other hand, stamina is defined as the capacity to endure physical activity for a prolonged duration.

Symptoms of Vitality and Stamina

Inability to maintain an erection, low sexual desire or low libido, ejaculation earlier than expected, decrease in sexual sensitivity, poor mood and declining mental clarity, and low immune functions are some of the most common symptoms of low vitality and stamina.

What Causes it?

Downfall in testosterone levels, stress, anxiety, drugs, smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, excess body weight, medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases, and medications for anxiety, depression and high BP.

How Common is it?


men below 30 are affected by low sexual stamina


of men in their 20s report a decrease in sexual vitality


men below 25 encounters issues with decreasing sexual stamina


of men from 30 to 40 encounter issues with low vitality and stamina

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Case Studies

Low Vitality and Stamina
38 years

Low Vitality and Stamina

A 38-year-old married guy of 76 kg had been extremely upset and stressed with his issue of low stamina and vitality in sexual terms for the past five to eight months. Because of short-lived sexual activities, the patient had been feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. He used to experience challenges in maintaining an erection due to a lack of sexual desire and also fatigue. He had lost his confidence in his sexual abilities and used to masturbate to avoid embarrassment. Through a much-needed doctor consultation from Nirvasa, he got a sexual wellness treatment plan of 9 months in which he got lifestyle advice, necessary energy-boosting supplements and dietary modifications. Now, after the completion of the treatment, he is feeling extremely confident, energetic and enhanced stamina to perform far better in bed and in life.

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Low Vitality and Stamina
42 years

Low Vitality and Stamina

A married man of 42 years with having BMI of 25.3 was going through a lot in his life emotionally and sexually due to low sexual stamina and vitality during sexual intercourse. He was not able to maintain a firm erection during sex which would leave his partner unsatisfied. Due to these issues, he used to feel no urge for sexual activities which later on resulted in decreased levels of confidence. The doctor came to know about his current condition and via free doctor consultation, he got suggested a sexual wellness treatment plan of six months, specially customized just for him. Currently, he is fit, sexually energetic, and most importantly, he is able to control his erections during sexual intercourse. His sexual vitality and stamina have drastically improved which has made his married life happy and satisfying.

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Low Vitality and Stamina
47 years

Low Vitality and Stamina

A 47-year-old man with having BMI of 26.1 and a weight of 78 kg was in a lot of trouble because of his rapid decrease in sexual vitality and stamina. His inability to main an erection during sexual intercourse and even in the morning used to hamper him mentally. Due to his sexual issues, his urge for sex was constantly decreasing and was completely dissatisfied with his performance in bed. After filling out a self-assessment form on the Nirvasa website, the doctor went through his medical history, lifestyle habits and current concerns. Based on these factors, the doctor customised a sexual wellness treatment plan including some lifestyle and dietary alterations, along with a few tips and tricks to manage his excessive stress. Now after completing the treatment, his sexual performance has drastically improved, energy levels are elevated, stamina is boosted and control over his erections.

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Is energy and vitality the same thing?

Vitality and energy might appear similar but they are completely different concepts. Where vitality is a sense of liveliness of mind and body, energy depicts the ability to do tasks and participate in various physical activities. There are chances where a man might possess physical energy in abundance but might lack in vitality. On the contrary, a man might feel completely okay with vitality but have a shortage of physical energydue to some circumstances.

Can low testosterone levels affect my sexual stamina?

Yes. Low testosterone levels can affect and bring down your sexual stamina. When you come to know that your testosterone levels are low, it is adviced to consult with a professional expert for further guidance and treatment.

Can excessive masturbation lead to low stamina?

Fatigue and temporary decrease in sexual stamina are the two most common symptoms of excessive masturbation. However, low stamina and masturbation are not directly linked. But, it is important to limit your sexual activity and create a healthy balance. In case of continuous low sexual stamina, it is adviced to seek some medical help.

My stamina and vitality are normal. How can I improve them?

Here are a few ways to elevate the levels of sexual stamina and vitality: • Consistent workout • Include healthy fats, proteins and carbs to your diet • Opt for meditation to decrease cortisol and stress levels • Go for a sexual wellness plan customized according to your requirements • Take enough sleep and relaxing hours • Start following a balanced and healthy lifestyle by getting rid of addictive habits

Vitality & Stamina: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Lasting longer in bed is believed to be good and helps improve your relationship with your partner. At least one man amongst five below the age of 30 experiences low vitality and stamina. The prevalence of the problem is quite high and therefore, it is not related to age.  Having low stamina is not persistent and can be improved with the right help. Your physician can be at your rescue to find the root cause of your problem and help elevate your stamina levels.

What is Vitality and Stamina?

It’s not necessary to have good stamina while doing normal chores or to start a gym. However, it becomes important for males to have good stamina in bed and last long. At some point in life, having good stamina becomes quite important for a long-term and healthy relationship. Stamina refers to a person’s ability to perform any mental and physical work for a longer duration. Men with high stamina are able to work for longer hours using less energy than the ones with high energy. 

How common is Low Vitality and Stamina?

If you are facing issues with your performance in bed and are not able to last long then there are a lot many men facing the same issue.  While most of the males may not be vocal about it a lot of men look for ways to cope with low stamina in bed. It becomes crucial to elevate your sexual performance and a plethora of men seek medical help for the same.  Older men may seem to face this issue a lot but males under 30 face this a lot and therefore, the problem is regardless of age. Almost 1 out of 4 men below the age of 25 experience low stamina. 

Symptoms of Low Vitality and Stamina

Experiencing low sexual vitality and stamina is itself a symptom, however, there are a few more things that you may experience, including: Erectile dysfunction (Inability to maintain an erection): The person loses an erection in less than a minute and faces problems in regaining it. Even if the person is able to get an election, he faces problems keeping it firm enough through sex.   Low sexual desire or low libido: A decrease in the feeling of having sex and a decrease in interest in indulging in sexual activities can reduce your stamina in bed. It may not be long-term but may pose a problem to the relationship.  Premature ejaculation (Ejaculation earlier than expected): The person ejaculates very early, even sooner than what his partner wants. He is unable to control the ejaculation and sometimes ejaculates even before putting in. It may not be a problem if the problem occurs rarely, however, the person may need some assistance if he is facing the problem frequently.  Decrease in sexual sensitivity: Some medicines including anti-hypertensives, anti-depressants, anti-allergics and chemotherapy drugs can gradually lower your desire to indulge in sexual intercourse. Above it, they reduce the sensitivity of male genitalia affection and the ability to experience orgasm. All of it reduces the desire to indulge in sexual activities and affects stamina.  Poor mood: You may not have the best day, every day. There can be highs and lows and you may not constantly have the urge to get yourself into sexual intercourse on your bad days. Poor mood can severely affect a person and excessive stress can lead to low libido, following lack of stamina.  Declining mental clarity: Overwork, tiredness, lack of sleep and various other things can create a decline in mental clarity and eventually lead to low stamina in bed.   Low immune functions: Various diseases and low immune responses severely affect the body. One of its side effects is a lack of vitality and stamina during indulging in sexual intercourse. 

Causes of Low Vitality and Stamina 

The reasons for low vitality and stamina may vary from person to person. One such observation that comes into notice is age. As the man grows old, he may observe a decreased desire to indulge in sex. It is not necessary that only old men, but a high ratio of males younger in age also experience the same.  The major cause why men experience a lack of desire to get into bed is because their body gets susceptible to more ailments as they grow old. Most of these complications interfere with the working of the reproductive system. The severe effect on the reproductive system results in a decrease in the interest in sexual activities. The diseases include: 
  • Depression
  • Atherosclerosis 
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney diseases 
  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety 
  • Issues with mental health 
Changes in daily lifestyle pose another reason for decreased stamina. Excessive drinking, unhealthy eating habits, smoking and not getting involved in any physical activity can amplify the problem. A person who is fat usually loses the urge to be involved in sexual activities and shows a lack of stamina and vitality. Certain medications also influence your sexual activities and deplete stamina.    

Diagnosing Low Vitality and Stamina

The signs of low sexual stamina guide the way to its diagnosis. However, the reasons behind experiencing low stamina in bed can be determined. Some of the underlying causes such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. One test that you can take includes:  Testosterone Blood Test: To determine the root cause behind low stamina in bed which can possibly be premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido one can check the levels of testosterone.  Being a male sex hormone, testosterone enhances libido or low sex drive while promoting sexual activities. To check whether the patient’s testosterone hormone level is healthy or not, there is a test called the testosterone test. It is a simple blood test that is usually done in the morning hours when testosterone levels are at their peak. This test gives you the right information about your testosterone levels i.e. whether it is adequate or not. If they are low then there are alternative treatments for it such as hormone therapy.  

Treatments for Low Vitality and Stamina 

If a lack of sexual stamina and vitality is seriously affecting your relationship with your partner and causing mental distress to you then you should consider seeking treatment for it. If the signs are spotted early and concerns are discussed with the doctor when there is a high possibility that there can be an early treatment and may not require additional medications:  Exercises  The best way method to improve your stamina in bed is indulging in exercises in your routine. Starting with cardio can enhance your stamina and can promote weight loss. Regular cardio keeps your heart rate in control and helps you perform better in bed.  You can indulge as much as 60minute to 150 minutes of cardio in your daily routine. Exercises like running and swimming can aid in enhancing your stamina. You should also avoid sitting for long hours without any movement. Some exercise types that you can include in your routine include : Aerobics: Some popular aerobic activities such as swimming, cycling and running help you gain endurance and build stamina.  Strength training: You can put more muscle into your body and drop weight. It may sound tough but slow steps can help you achieve it. Start by doing strength training, lifting weights, using elastic brands for extra strengthening and adding more abs exercises in your day. Yoga: You can always count on yoga to improve your breathing time and gain control over them. Practice balance by standing on one foot one by one.  Increasing Flexibility: To improve your body’s flexibility, the patient should perform daily exercises like stretching. It not only helps in enhancing stamina but even performs well in bed.  Diet  Certain foods can increase stamina by reducing the cholesterol level in your body and promoting good fat. They also help in increasing your blood flow maintaining a good digestive system and improving immunity.  Carbohydrates: You should eat more complex carbohydrates which will help you maintain a good energy level in your body.  However, it is also important to note that carbohydrates increase fat deposition in the body. Therefore, consuming less carbohydrates can be beneficial.  Fruits and Vegetables: A healthy diet including good amounts of vegetables and fruits can aid in boosting stamina and support weight loss. Fruits and vegetables have also been shown to improve stamina and immunity therefore reducing the chances of lowered stamina in bed.  In addition, they even help in maintaining good blood flow. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These fatty acids are beneficial for your body and improve blood flow. One of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids is fish, salmon, cobia, and flax seeds.  Vitamin D: Foods high in vitamin D enhance blood flow, and reduce oxidative species inside the body. They reduce carbohydrates and increase body stamina.  Boosting Melatonin Melatonin is the main hormone responsible for regulating the sleep and biological cycle. If you are facing problems with sleep then it is possible that your melatonin levels are disturbed. Low melatonin can also trigger erectile dysfunction which is directly related to low stamina in bed.  Although your body has a full-fledged mechanism for producing melatonin, you can also improve it by consuming certain foods such as pistachios. Your physician may also recommend some supplements to improve your melatonin production.  Natural Remedies The most convenient way to improve stamina is going for some natural remedies that are easy to follow. Some of them that can improve libido and sexual stamina include:
  • Yohimbine: Yohimbine helps in improving libido and treatment of erectile dysfunction. It does that by increasing the blood flow to the male genitalia. 
  • Caffeine: Males who showed a high intake of caffeine had more stamina. Caffeine consumption promotes the release of adrenaline leading to improved sexual performance.
  • Ginseng: One of the most common herbal remedies is ginseng. It improves physical health and enhances sexual performance. 
Stress Management Stress can be one of the core reasons behind a lack of stamina and less energy during sexual performance. Stress can severely affect your libido and increase your heart rate leading to fluctuations in blood pressure. It can also hamper the ability to get an erection and also trigger erectile dysfunction.  Stress management can be tough sometimes and therefore people get inclined towards bad ways such as drinking and smoking which worsens the problem.  One should take yoga, meditation and indulge in workouts to manage stress.  Healthy Habits Start adapting healthy habits to improve your performance in bed. Eliminating habits like smoking and drinking can help improve stamina in bed.  One can replace such bad habits with good habits such as exercising and clean eating. In case it is tough for you to entirely eliminate alcohol, it’s best to consume it at a controlled limit.  Soming has been shown to reduce the width of blood vessels and reduce blood flow. It also promotes impotence. Keeping these things in the head it’s best to give up on smoking because it has various other side effects apart from low sexual stamina.  Masturbate  In case you feel that you are not as long-lasting as you should be then it is best to consider that you may need some prior practice. One way to do it is to masturbate before getting in bed.  Prior masturbation improves longevity and helps you improve stamina. However, there is a technique to masturbate. If you masturbate too vigorously then it’s a possibility that you will last that much long only. However, if you increase the time or masturbation then it may help you stay long in bed.  Using Techniques for Longevity You can practice the start and stop technique to improve the longevity of your sexual intercourse. In order to maintain stamina, you also need to make sure that you do not ejaculate before time.  The start-stop thing may help you overcome that. In this technique, you stop just before you are about to ejaculate. You can also practice this technique using masturbation and increase your longevity. This way you can improve over time and maintain stamina in bed.  Talk it Out  Communication always improves one relationship. Be it any problem, it can be sorted with the help of the right communication.  It is important to note that the entire process is a two-way thing and therefore, it is important to pay attention to the needs of your partner.  Practising a way to do it just the way your partner likes it to is a good way to make it happen for both of you.  Additional Help  If you have tried every technique and it is just skipping out of your hands then you may need additional help. Your reason for low stamina in bed may be different and might need to help with more than just dietary changes or exercises then you need to reach out to a doctor.  It is possible that low stamina may be due to sexual dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease. A doctor might provide you with the best help in such a case.  

Prevention of Low Vitality and Stamina 

Prevention is always better than cure”. You can always take measures if you feel that you don't lack sexual stamina but may start to face such issues in the future. One should always promote sexual vitality and improve overall well-being. You can take the following measures to proactive a healthy life full of stamina: Cut off carbs: One should cut off processed foods and consume clean and healthy foods. Including foods and vegetables in the diet can help maintain stamina.  Drinking Clean: Apart from maintaining a healthy diet, you should also drink as much as water possible. It improves the levels of hormones and improves stamina.  Exercising: Indulging exercises in your routine and drastically improving your stamina. It reduces the cholesterol level and improves blood flow.  Go Organic: Excusing foods and vegetables laced with pesticides is good for health. One should go organic and eat homegrown fruits and vegetables.  Indulge Adaptogens: Supplements can help you improve overall health. It can protect you from extra stress and improve immunity. It promotes good heart health and enhances stamina.     References
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