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What is Thyroid Gland and How it Functions?

A small, butterfly-shaped gland residing at the forefront of your neck is known as the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is known to produce hormones (T3 and T4) that regulate the growth, metabolic rate, and development of the body.

How do Thyroid Hormones Affect the Body?

Produces and delivers T3 and T4 to manage metabolism, supports a healthy heart by keeping heart rate and BP at level, maintains normal body temperature, impacts bone growth, and cognitive functions, increases energy levels, supports weight management and promotes good memory.

Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders

Feeling overly exhausted, unexpected weight gain or loss, mood swings, depression, fast or irregular heartbeat, brittle, dry or itchy hair scalp, muscle cramps and soreness, overly hot or chilly feelings, focus or memory issues, and puffiness or swelling in the neck area (goitre).

Causes of Thyroid Disorders

Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, family history or genetic mutations, exposure to radiation through environmental factors, medical treatments, medications like radiation therapy, hormonal imbalances like insulin, cortisol, or sex hormones, and abnormality in the pituitary gland.

How Common is it?


of the Indian population suffer from thyroid disorders


of women in India are found with thyroid disorders


of thyroid disorder cases in India are hypothyroidism


of thyroid disorder cases in India are of hyperthyroidism

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Dt. Zubeda Tumbi

Dt. Zubeda Tumbi

Dietician and Nutritionist

(Weight Management, Diabetology, Thyroid Disorders and Nutrition - Dietician and Nutritionist)

BHSc, MHSc, NET- SET, Ph.D Grants from IDRC Canada and TATA Chemicals, 29+ Years of Experience

Dr. Brahmita Monga

Dr. Brahmita Monga


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Dr. Ashitabh Tiwari


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Dr. Sandeep Govil

Dr. Sandeep Govil


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"Male sexual health encompasses various issues and challenges that are often accompanied by social stigmas, hindering individuals from seeking the assistance they need. I strongly encourage people to educate themselves about matters concerning intimacy and explore comprehensive treatment options that incorporate both medical and psychological approaches."

Dr. Sharmila Majumdar

Dr. Sharmila Majumdar

Sexologist and Psychologist

(Sexology, Cognitive Behaviour Modifications, and Idiopathic Infertilty - Sexologist and Psychologist)

"Sexual health often receives insufficient attention in India, leading to the delayed seeking of medical assistance for intimacy and relationship concerns. It is crucial for individuals to proactively pursue treatment, as early intervention yields more effective and viable solutions."


Case Studies

31 years


Kudos to Priyanka, a 31-year-old woman who had been suffering from hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) for the past 2 years. Unhealthy eating habits such as eating junk and street foods were part of her daily routine, and she did not regulate her portions. When she began experiencing health symptoms such as fatigue, sluggishness, dry skin and irregular periods, she immediately contacted Nirvasa and filled out the self-assessment form. The doctor analysed her profile and diagnosed Hypothyroidism based on her medical history and lifestyle behaviours. The doctor recommended a weight-loss regimen tailored to her specific goals. Her thyroid is now under control after six months of treatment, and her weight has dropped to 58kg.

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40 years


Meet Amandeep, a 40-year-old married man of 65 kg and 20.6 BMI. He was living his life just fine with a few health issues like less sweat, digestion issues and even a tingling and burning sensation. Because of the constant dropping in body weight, he consulted a certified doctor of Nirvasa after filling out a self-assessment form. The doctor diagnosed hyperthyroidism for which he suggested a simple weight management plan of nine months. He was advised to eat healthily and include calorie-dense and protein-rich foods in his daily diet. Apart from this, he was asked to commence resistance training workouts to keep his body active. As he followed the plan to the T, he is now 73 kg and his thyroid is totally under control.

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34 years


Cheers to Neha, a 34-year-old married woman who was suffering from an underactive thyroid or Hypothyroidism for the past 1.5 years. She was never hyperactive and didn’t use to exercise much. The moment she started facing health issues like the sensation of tickling, tingling or burning without apparent cause and more, she reached out to Nirvasa and filled out the self-assessment form right away. On the basis of her medical history and lifestyle habits, the doctor evaluated her profile and diagnosed Hypothyroidism. She got suggested a weight management plan customised as per her goals by the doctor. Now, after completing six months of treatment, her thyroid is under control and her weight has come down to 68kg.

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Can stress or anxiety trigger thyroid and worsen it?

Yes. Stress and anxiety may influence thyroid function. They can worsen the thyroid disorders, specially autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease.

Can I still have thyroid symptoms even if my blood tests come back normal?

Certainly. Even after the blood test reports are normal, an individual may have symptoms linked with thyroid disorders. In such situations, opting for a consultation from a healthcare professional is important. They can assess your current condition, look into additional factors and conduct further treatments, if required, to offer a necessary solution.

Is thyroid hereditary?

Indeed. If any of your family members has been diagnosed with a thyroid issue, your risk of development such disorder can be higher. However, genetic predisposition does not guarantee the occurrence or elevation of a thyroid disorder.

Can thyroid disorders affect fertility and pregnancy?

Fertility and pregnancy can be affected if you are going through a thyroid disorder. If untreated, thyroid can be a sole reason for miscarriage, infertility, development complications in infants, and premature birth. It is mandatory for a women planning for pregnancy or already pregnant to closely monitor their thyroid function and manage it with regular check-ups and necessary medication.