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Dandruff Treatment

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What is Dandruff?

A common scalp condition that has been one of the most famous reasons for embarrassment and discomfort for people around the world is dandruff. It is annoying as these white flakes of dead skin stick to the scalp and fall when scratched due to itching and irritation.

Symptoms of Dandruff

Constant itching, noticeable white or yellow flakes on the scalp and hair, redness or irritated scalp, oily or dry scalp, and unpleasant odour emerging from the scalp and hair can be the main symptoms of dandruff.

Causes of Dandruff

Overproduction of sebum, having dry scalp skin due to lack of moisture, not shampooing enough, suffering from medical conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and unfavourable environmental conditions like low humidity and cold weather.

How Common is it?


of Indians experience some degree of dandruff at some point in their lives


of Indian men over 22 are affected by white flakes


of Indians attribute their dandruff to stress-induced factors


of Indians report dandruff due to extreme environmental conditions

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Dt. Zubeda Tumbi

Dt. Zubeda Tumbi

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Dr. Brahmita Monga


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Dr. Sandeep Govil


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"Male sexual health encompasses various issues and challenges that are often accompanied by social stigmas, hindering individuals from seeking the assistance they need. I strongly encourage people to educate themselves about matters concerning intimacy and explore comprehensive treatment options that incorporate both medical and psychological approaches."

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Dr. Sharmila Majumdar

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"Sexual health often receives insufficient attention in India, leading to the delayed seeking of medical assistance for intimacy and relationship concerns. It is crucial for individuals to proactively pursue treatment, as early intervention yields more effective and viable solutions."


Case Studies

28 years


Brahmita, a 28-year-old girl, had been experiencing dandruff for a while, but it started to become more of a concern. She decided to seek help from the experts at Nirvasa, who specialise in hair loss and dandruff issues. After assessing her case, the doctor prescribed a nine-month hair care treatment plan that included dietary modifications and lifestyle changes to promote healthy hair and skin. The doctor even prescribed an anti-dandruff shampoo to help her dandruff go away. However, after completing the treatment, Brahmita saw significant improvement in the quality of her hair, and there was no longer any dandruff.

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37 years


Had no medical history, never had enough junk food, nor used harmful products on her hair, but still Gaurav had itchy scalp and white flakes or dandruff. We are talking about a 40-year-old married man of 78 kg body weight and normal BMI of 24.4. He had been suffering from extremely itchy scalp and moderate level of dandruff for a past six to nine months. Even after giving herbal products and anti-dandruff shampoo a try, he couldn’t see satisfactory results. Therefore, he sought for an expert advice from Nirvasa. The professional doctor evaluated his lifestyle habits and medical history but there was not much to worry about. Therefore, the doctor suggested a simple six month hair care treatment plan to eliminate dandruff and improve his hair quality and density. Now he is happy with smooth dandruff-free hair and extremely motivated to take care of his hair.

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26 years


It was never a big issue for Supriya but later on, it became serious and she thought of getting rid of these white flakes once and for all. Meet Supriya, a 28-year-old unmarried girl with normal BMI of 23.1 and 62 kg body weight. From a past few months, she had been wondering why even after taking a balanced diet, maintaining controlled portions and working out, she had dandruff. To resolve her issue, Supriya reached out the professional doctors of Nirvasa who specialise in hair loss and dandruff issues. The doctor assessed her case and looked for the root cause behind her dandruff concerns. Keeping in mind her medical history and lifestyle habits, the doctor prescribed a hair care treatment plan of three months in which he included some dietary modifications and lifestyle changes for healthy hair and skin. On completing her treatment, Supriya saw no significant improvement in the quality of her hair and there was not even a single flake of dandruff.

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Is dandruff contagious?

Dandruff is not contagious in itself. It is a prevalent scalp condition that can arise from various factors, as mentioned previously.

How can I effectively reduce dandruff?

To manage dandruff effectively, it is advisable to utilize anti-dandruff shampoos that encompass potent components such as zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, or coal tar. Additionally, adhering to a routine scalp hygiene regimen, refraining from excessive utilization of hair products, and effectively managing stress levels can also contribute to alleviating the condition.

Can diet affect dandruff?

While the sole influence of diet on dandruff occurrence may not be direct, specific dietary elements have the potential to impact its severity. Several studies indicate that the consumption of an immoderate amount of unhealthy fats and sugars could potentially exacerbate the symptoms of dandruff.

I have had dandruff since two years back. How long does it take to get rid of it?

The duration required to manage dandruff can differ from individual to individual. Numerous people witness positive changes within a few weeks by consistently adhering to suitable treatment methods. However, sustaining long-term management measures may be essential to avert its recurrence.