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Hair Loss

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What is Hair Loss?

Scientifically known as alopecia, hair loss is a condition where the shedding or thinning of hair is noticeable. It is quite common and affects both men and women causing a loss of confidence and distress.

Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle

The origin of hair takes place from roots or follicles located beneath the skin’s surface. The blood vessels present at their base provide essential nourishment to these follicles for proper hair growth. Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, and Exogen are different stages each strand of hair surpasses.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Hair part widening, receding hairline or the hairline moving backwards, circular or patchy bald spots, sudden extreme hair fall, and redness and itching in the scalp due to the presence of flakes, or painful bumps on the scalp

Causes of Hair Loss

Thyroid, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, hereditary hair loss, accidents, childbirth, recovery from illness, emotional distress or stress, improper diet, smoking, drinking, and lack of sleep, and certain treatments for arthritis, acne, gout, depression or blood pressure

How Common is it?


of Indians experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35


of Indian men over 50 are affected with male pattern baldness


of Indian women over 42 go through extensive hair fall


of India go through hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia

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Dt. Zubeda Tumbi

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Dr. Brahmita Monga


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Dr. Sandeep Govil


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Dr. Sharmila Majumdar

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"Sexual health often receives insufficient attention in India, leading to the delayed seeking of medical assistance for intimacy and relationship concerns. It is crucial for individuals to proactively pursue treatment, as early intervention yields more effective and viable solutions."


Case Studies

Hair Loss - Male Receding Hairline
29 years

Hair Loss - Male Receding Hairline

Arjun, a 29-year-old man, had been experiencing hair loss, and dull and rough hair for the past few months. He noticed a significant decrease in the volume and shine of his hair, and it made him self-conscious. He tried several home remedies and over-the-counter products but did not see any improvement. He decided to seek professional help to address his hair concerns. Therefore, he brought Nirvasa into the picture by filling out the self-assessment form on the website. The doctor closely examined his profile and diagnosed Stage 3 Hair Loss - Receding Hairline. Based on his diet, lifestyle habits and medical history, the doctor curated a personalised hair care treatment plan of six months for Arjun. He diligently followed the plan and now his hairline is stagnant and new hair have emerged. His confidence is back and is satisfied with the treatment.

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Hair Loss - Advanced Widening
38 years

Hair Loss - Advanced Widening

Kavya, a 38-year-old woman, had been experiencing hair thinning and dandruff for the past year. She had tried several over-the-counter products, but none of them seemed to work. She decided to seek professional help to address her hair concerns. The doctor curated a personalised hair care treatment plan keeping in mind her medical history, and dietary and lifestyle habits. It included an amalgamation of dietary alterations, necessary topical solutions, and lifestyle adjustments. With help from the doctor and a wellness coach assigned by Nirvasa, she saw drastic improvements and now her hair loss has reduced. Her hair density and texture both have improved significantly.

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Hair Loss - Male Pattern Baldness
45 years

Hair Loss - Male Pattern Baldness

Sampad had been experiencing male pattern baldness i.e. receding hairline and thinning at the crown for the past more than a year. He was extremely concerned as his hairline was decreasing week by week and hair volume had drastically decreased, resulting in the visibility of the scalp. Sampad tried anti-hair fall shampoos, serums, and oils but nothing worked for him. Then he decided to take the expert advice. After the doctor consultation, Sampad had been suggested a customised hair treatment of six months. With certain lifestyle modifications, dietary alterations and supplements and specific anti-hair fall shampoo usage, Sampad saw drastic positive changes in his hair density and today his hairline had improved along with the density.

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How do I know what kind of hair loss I am suffering from?

In the case of men encountering a receding hairline or progressive hair loss as they age, the underlying condition is often attributed to male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is a form of permanent hair loss that regrettably lacks a definitive cure. Nonetheless, numerous treatments are available that can help impede the progression of hair loss and even stimulate hair regrowth. However, it is highly advisable for men who experience abrupt hair loss without any discernible cause or pattern to promptly seek medical attention. These instances of sudden hair loss may be indicative of an underlying medical condition such as alopecia areata, vitamin deficiency, or the adverse effects of medication. Encouragingly, these types of hair loss are typically transient and tend to resolve once the underlying medical condition is effectively addressed.

Can everybody grow their hair back?

Unfortunately, not every individual possesses the ability to facilitate the regrowth of their hair, as a multitude of factors can contribute to the phenomenon of hair loss. Consequently, it is crucial to acknowledge that treatments such as Minoxidil and Finasteride may not manifest as efficacious remedies in every conceivable scenario. This firmly underscores the paramount importance of engaging in meaningful and enlightening discussions with medical practitioners, who possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to guide individuals through their unique circumstances.

Do nutritional deficiencies contribute to hair loss?

Indubitably, insufficiencies in key nutrients like iron, zinc, or biotin can indeed play a role in the occurrence of hair loss. It is imperative to comprehend that maintaining a well-rounded diet replete with vital nutrients holds significant sway over fostering robust hair growth and overall hair health.

I have patchy hair loss. Is it actually possible to reverse it?

The prospect of hair regrowth is contingent upon the root cause of hair loss. Certain forms of hair loss, such as pattern baldness, may not be entirely reversible; nevertheless, a plethora of treatments and interventions exist that can decelerate the rate of hair loss and foster the stimulation of new hair growth.