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White Discharge

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What is White Discharge?

White discharge refers to a transparent or slightly off-white fluid that is expelled from the vagina. While the presence of white discharge is a normal process, any alterations in its colour, texture, odour, or volume can indicate an underlying infection or disease.

What is considered a Normal White Discharge?

Healthy vaginal discharge is typically clear or white and does not have a foul odour. It can range from watery and sticky to thick and pasty, clear, milky white or off-white, consists not an unpleasant scent, and a controlled quantity is considered a normal white discharge.

Causes of White Discharge

Hormonal changes, yeast infection (candida overgrowth), bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis (STI), and cervical or vaginal infections in the cervix or vagina, such as cervicitis or vaginitis are the most common causes of abnormal white discharge.

How Common is it?


women suffer from abnormal white discharge


women go through vulva itching due to abnormal white discharge


women aged 43-49 experience increase in vaginal discharge


women suffer from lower abdomen pain due to abnormal discharge

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Case Studies

29 years


For, over a year a 29-year-old married girl weighed 65 kg with a BMI of 26.2. She experienced dissatisfaction with her cycle due to PCOD. Her periods were irregular, accompanied by back hair growth, frequent mood swings and darkening of the skin around her neck and armpits. Seeking help, she reached out to Nirvasa. Based on her medical history and lifestyle habits, the doctor diagnosed her with PCOD and recommended a personalized weight management treatment plan. She was advised to adopt a diet routine and engage in at least 30 minutes of regular exercise. By following all these recommendations she has now found happiness in her life along, with increased confidence levels and improved chances of conceiving a child.

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31 years


A 31-year-old woman in a married relationship of 80 kg and 30.7 BMI was not happy with her life. Her habit of unhealthy eating i.e. junk food, and zero exercise forced her to reach obesity. She was suffering from irregular period cycles, and excessive hair growth on her face, used to experience frequent mood swings and anxiety and had difficulties during sexual activities. Due to extreme stress because of all these issues, she opted to consult a professional doctor of Nirvasa. On the basis of her self-assessment form, the doctor took the liberty to assess her medical history, lifestyle habits and dietary practices. She followed the weight management treatment plan suggested by the doctor and now she is fit and healthy, and her health issues have drastically improved.

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28 years


Suffering for more than a year from PCOD, a married woman of 43 years with a 75 kg weight and 26.7 BMI was not happy with her menstruation. He used to think that whatever she is suffering from is hereditary or due to excess weight. Her period cycles were irregular, started experiencing excessive hair growth on her face and back, very frequent mood swings and even her skin was getting darker in her neck, armpits, and chest area. She reached out to Nirvasa and filled out the self-assessment form to consult with a professional doctor. On account of her medical history, lifestyle habits and diet practices, the doctor assessed her case, diagnosed PCOD or polycystic ovarian syndrome and suggested a customized weight management treatment plan. During the journey, she was told to follow a healthy diet, work out for at least 30 minutes, avoid eating junk food, and drink enough water. After following all the exhortations, she is now happy in her married life with increased confidence levels and her ability to conceive a child.

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I have a discharge of yellowish colour. Is it normal?

Actually not. If your discharge is not of clear or white colour, there is a need for concern. Yellow, grey or green colour discharge may be a sign of bacterial or sexually transmitted infection (STI).

I have white discharge every day. Is it normal?

Indeed, it is perfectly natural to experience some amount of white discharge on a daily basis. This discharge is an essential mechanism by which your body maintains the cleanliness, hygiene, and health of your reproductive part. It is not something that can be prevented, as it serves a vital purpose. If you have concerns regarding excessive discharge, you may consider using a panty liner to assist in absorbing the fluid.

How does the white discharge change when you are pregnant?

Observing an elevation in vaginal discharge during pregnancy is considered a normal occurrence. This heightened discharge serves as a protective measure to prevent infections from ascending to the uterus. Additionally, increased levels of progesterone can stimulate greater production of vaginal discharge. If you happen to notice any changes in your vaginal discharge during pregnancy, it is advisable to get in touch with your healthcare provider specializing in pregnancy care.

Why does my white discharge smell? Do I have to worry?

There exist various factors that may contribute to an odorous vaginal discharge. Should you detect an unpleasant or notably pungent 'fishy' scent accompanying your vaginal discharge, it could potentially indicate the presence of an infection.